How to Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

Can you wear a pair of dress shoes with jeans? Learn how you can pair denim and smart footwear like Oxford shoes seamlessly, day in, day out.

We often receive a lot of gentlemen and gift buyers asking whether our men’s Oxford shoes can be paired with jeans.

Surprisingly, yes!

While the smarter appearance of trousers and chinos seem like the obvious complement to a pair of formal footwear, jeans have the ability to paint a whole different impression altogether.

In fact, jeans and smart dress shoes are the perfect combination for a date or slightly more relaxed business meeting, as they strike a balance between formal and practical.

However, to pull this look off, there are three things every gentleman must consider.

Choose the right style of jeans

There are various types of jeans out there, but where do you start?

While all jeans are classed as casual attire, there are certain styles that appear smarter and more appropriate for dress shoes.

For instance, ripped jeans, distressed jeans and ones with a lighter wash will never go with a nice pair of dress shoes.

Ideally, you need jeans that fit well around the waist and taper off at the bottom. Baggy fitting and boot cut jeans will look odd, so choose skinny, skinny stretch and tapered jeans.

In regards to colour, dark blues and black jeans are your best bet, as these will go with a lot more colours.

Remember, you need to create a bit of contrast between the jeans and shoes, or everything will look odd. Examples of this include dark blue jeans with brown shoes, dark black jeans with light black shoes or dark blue jeans with black shoes.

Wear the right type of dress shoe

Oxford shoes aren’t always renowned for their casual styling. However, our range of Percy Stride shoes has subtle touches like the embossing which gives them a bit more character.

We wanted to create a shoe which is versatile and can look just as good with a pair of jeans than it does with a suit.

Our Limited Edition Nightfall High Shine Black Monk shoes provide a slightly unique and casual twist too – so it might be worth considering them.

Alternatively, the shape, construction and vamp placement of loafers or a Derby dress shoe make them suitable for jeans too.

Find the right balance

One of the most important elements of matching jeans and dress shoes is to pay attention to the whole package.

For example, a smart pair of dress shoes will elevate a pair of jeans, so don’t bring the whole outfit down with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Instead, think granddad shirt, dress shirt and blazer (if applicable).

Accessories should also be simple but stylish. A silver watch and pocket square in a blazer are subtle but brilliant ways of adding cohesion to your whole appearance.

As a word of warning, if you are slightly larger, the dress shoe and jeans combination might make your feet look very small and your midsection large. So it’s important to cover up your midsection with a blazer or a well-cut sports jacket to restore a balance between your top and bottom.