How Virgin Has Helped Percy Stride Succeed

Learn how our partnership with Virgin Start Up has given us the support to grow as a brand and why young entrepreneurs should follow suit.

Over the past year, we’ve been on an epic journey of ups, downs and everything in between.

We soon discovered that creating a successful business isn’t all about the product and the experience – it’s also about forming trusted partnerships along the way.

As the infamous quote goes: “Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain.”

You see, all established businesses have had to start from somewhere, so it pays to work closely with people that care about your brand and are trustworthy. That’s exactly why we started working with Virgin Start Up.

An incredible journey made easier

As well as offering loans, Virgin Start Up is a scheme specifically designed to help provide valuable advice and mentorship to young entrepreneurs.

According to Sir Richard Branson: “Take a chance. It’s the best way to test yourself. Have fun and push the boundaries.”

This unique opportunity gave the creator and owner of Percy Stride, Danielle Wathes, the chance to learn about the business side of operations.

The truth is, to just create a product or service and expect it to sell simply isn’t realistic. Virgin Start Up provides:

  • Funding without restrictions on what the money is spent on.
  • Weekly webinars focusing on different subjects relating to your business and hosted by an industry expert. They also include an interactive Q&A for entrepreneurs to exploit as well.
  • A mentor who offers one-on-one sessions to give you further guidance.
  • A variety of blogs for entrepreneurs to read in their own time.
  • Free events where entrepreneurs can network and gain vital insights in which they can implement.
  • A wide range of masterclasses throughout the year, giving you true value to help grow your business.

Turn your dream into a reality

Have you got a service or product you’d love to market and grow? Then Virgin Start Up could really help.

Sometimes starting is one of the hardest things you can do. It’s easy enough to come up with an idea, but it’s those ‘go-getters’ who actually try that often prevail.

Their range of mentoring and business services gave us the confidence to try new things, focus on the things that matter and plan for the future.

We also believe that it’s played a pivotal role in our recent nomination at the South West Business Awards in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category.

So if you’re young, ambitious and have a quality product or service to offer, don’t hesitate. Visit Virgin Start Up and begin your journey today.

In a bid to promote young British entrepreneurs, we’re always here to help should you need any advice.

Good luck!

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