10 Most Ingenious Christmas Gift Ideas He Won't See Coming!

Produced by British Men's footwear designer and founder of brand Percy Stride she gives insight into some of the best gift ideas sourced from clients and friends in the menswear industry and beyond!
Your guide will enlighten you to a world of some of the most creative and personal gifts for him which we won't have seen time and time again. For the man who seems to have it all; these unique gifts will give him the surprise he was hoping for and show him how much you truly care. 

What you'll discover...

o  10 Beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts to leave him gobsmacked cause its always nice to get a little lull of silence on Christmas Morning
o  Some of the best British creations and brands to appeal to his patriotic side and feel free to gloat about your discovery (we do!)
o  The secrets to optimizing your gift with elegant extras and personal touches a gift that keeps on giving!
o  Products that will last a mind-blowingly long time keeping him happy for years (and not getting the "this is tat" talk!)
o Secret Stocking fillers page to ramp up his curiosity on Christmas morning as we know little things carry big worth!

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Who is Percy Stride and why can they help?

I'm Danielle and I'm the founder and designer of British men's footwear brand Percy Stride (Hi!) 
I'm one of four kids and also the youngest, my family is amazing but scattered (around the country as well as by age!) all of my siblings are on a different stages of the "Life Ladder" and therefore when it comes to gift giving it becomes difficult...especially at Christmas where I am buying volumes in one hit, not the odd birthday! I am suddenly shaken with the realization that whether I want to or not, I am "competing" with other family and friends and no one wants to have a god-forbid "repeat" gift incident! Now then, women I've never found to be very difficult to buy for, infact I've just taken on the tactic of buying what I like but for them (then at least someone likes it!) but men however have always been more of a challenge... If I boil it down I have one Dad and one Brother, easy, but it seems to be the more I know them the less I know what to get them! Over a lifetime the ideas dwindle and then when you throw in brothers-in-law, nephews, cousins, uncles, family friends, it all starts to get a bit samey and frankly overwhelming! And that's when the quality of gifts start to deteriorate, literally just trying to get through the pain of Christmas with a nod, smile and Ta very much! My dad must have received several bottles of his favourite Brandy and copious amounts of "men's facial products" last Christmas alone, I'm not saying he didn't appreciate every single one, but admittedly it would be nice to give the men in my life something of more value and thought. I've learnt over my time producing men's footwear, that they value quality much more than quantity, and one really nice thing can outweigh several "low-ticket" items. In fact I've learnt a lot from speaking to my clients, which is why I put together this guide to share some ideas with you. 

What Men Want And How We Are Already Achieving It

o Something Personal - All footwear can be bespoke sole engraved 
o Something functional they will get use from - Footwear is an everyday item and can be adapted to any social situation
o Something that will last - British Goodyear Welted Footwear boasts a 20 year lifespan
o Something "Stylish" that fits their character - Full range of calf leather colours to suit every gentleman
o Something of Quality and Conviction - Handmade by craftsman in Northampton to the highest standard 
o Something unique but also versatile - One-of-a-kind embossing "timeless" technique to every pair, ranging from discrete to eye-ball-melting

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Northampton's Most Extraordinary Designs & Blister-Free Comfort From Day One Or Your Money Back!

Our handmade shoes have a RRP of just £250 !
And as you can see, how many happy customers are chomping at the bit for another pair with many already owning at least 2 if not 3 lovely handmade designs! 
For a product fully handcrafted in the Northampton city of "proper shoes" they are already an absolute steal! Especially if you take into consideration what the likes of other manufacturers in the area are charging (upwards of £450!) 

Shocking Statistic! : 
Even at £250 over 20 years that's 3p per day! It would take you just over 2 months to have spent the same amount as your daily Costa Coffee!

If the man in your life is spending £40 every 6 months on new shoes (cause he's on his feet all day and "worn them out") in the same 20 year period he will spend an average of £1,600 just replacing his old shoes! Not to mention the sustainability element of throwing away so many!

1 pair of beautiful handcrafted Oxford shoes for £200

That's 25% off the RRP! 

We are also offering a one time only premium pair of colourful handmade steel cap laces with every purchase and completely FREE UK DELIVERY! 

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1 pair please!

Our 100% genuinely mind-blowing 3 year guarantee!

We are so confident that our footwear is of the highest quality that if the man in your life wears out his soles and heel within 3 years WE WILL PAY for the FULL REFURBISHMENT and RESTORATION of his shoes!


o Goodyear Welted Construction

Calf Leather Uppers

o Protective Rubber Heel Cap

o Leather Lining 

o Leather Sole

o Oxford Style and Shape


o Traditionally the most reliable and accredited form of footwear construction to date 
   Can re-sole and re-heel
   Lifespan of 20+ years (saving you money!)

Soft and Subtle (best for perfect foot forming)
   Water Resistant 
   Less Scratches and Scuffs

o Shock Absorbing

o Reduces foot odour
o Prevents infection 
   Increases Comfort

o Slimming affect
   Classic traditional styling
   Suitable for wider feet
   Blister-Free comfort

Gary Norton - Norton of Morton

Percy Stride are a first-class shoe company. I'm extremely proud to call myself a Strider, with a pair of their oxfords on my feet. They're so well designed and as they're made in the world's shoe capital of Northampton, they're of such high quality.

Nick Pearce

Modeled for this company and was delighted with whole experience, from owner Danielle’s personality and enthusiasm to ultimately wearing the fabulous shoe which were so comfortable, well made and stylish. A great British brand which gets my full support.

Client Testimonials

I first met the people from Percy Stride at the National Wedding Show in March. The black and white "Noontide" design stuck with us and my Fiancé adored them from just a picture! We recently ordered them and they are worth it.Delivery was excellent, fast paced and packaged with so much care and the shoes themselves were in perfect condition, a great fit for my Fiancé.

I would 100% recommend Percy Stride. Nothing about our ordering journey was negative at all.
- Alexandra

I met Danielle whilst she was exhibiting her shoes initially a Salon Prive and then at Goodwood. Her customer service is very high and her products are extremely high quality. The prices are reasonable for such high quality. I will be back to Danielle for more shoes for sure as I have 4 sons to buy for.
- Juliette

I love shoe designs that are a little bit different. So these ticked the aesthetic box nicely but the most overwhelming fact is outstanding comfort. From the get go these shoes have top marks, quality and craftsmanship are exceptional. If you’re buying online they tend to be on the large size, I’m a 12 in every other shoe manufacturer, Percy Stride 11’s fit me perfectly. Just press the buy button, it’s really simple.
- Martin

I stumbled across the Percy Stride website whilst googling for advice on the best type of shoes for men to buy. I read a few of the blogs on the website-they seemed to know what they were talking about, and the designs of the shoes looked incredible, so I purchased a pair. The quality of the shoes is magnificent, they look great and fit perfectly. The founder got in touch with me via email after my order was made, which you don't get from many companies! Recommended.
- Michael