Made to Measure Leather Belts

We know that some of our shoes are a little ambitious when it comes to colour and sometimes it must be tricky to match your accessories accordingly; so we sourced an incredible bespoke belt maker in the UK to colour match our shoes to beautiful genuine leather skins and create a range of bespoke Percy Stride, made to measure belts. 

How our belts are made...

Based in Swindon, England (hometown of Percy Stride owner Danielle) Green's belt makers have collaborated with Percy Stride to bring you the best of genuine leather products.
All leather skins used for your belts are sourced from Northampton (home of our Percy Stride factory) and then subsequently cut to your desired length. 
Once cut to length the belts are paired with the desired buckle, secured in place by hand and embossed with the Percy Stride emblem, each hole is then punched by hand to the clients waist measurements (we cater for waist sizes 28 inches - 50 inches) 

Get the perfect fit

When selecting to purchase one of our handmade belts you simply need to know your waist size and we will take it from there.

We have listed our waist size selection from 28" - 50" if you feel as though you fall between our options e.g 29" then rest assured that you will be accommodated for.
Once you select your size we will make the first punch hole to that dimension and then add a further 5 inches of wholes down the belt. You will have the perfect fit.

Matching up

It was our intention when creating our belt range to make sure our existing Percy Stride clients or "Striders" as some have aptly named themselves, have the ability to pair their footwear with our belts. We know that the leathers we use for our footwear can be ambitious and therefore difficult to pair with a standard off the highstreet belt. 
When choosing our belt leather we made sure to take the shoes along for a colour matching session, so we are confident that the textures and colours of our belts pair beautifully with our footwear. 

Bespoke Handmade Leather Belts

Our Range of Belts

We currently have a range of 5 belts available to purchase. If you are looking for something more specific or you'd like to ask a question regarding our belts please contact us here