A fitting service may not be something you've heard of before....because big brands don't do this sort of thing! 

Percy Stride was born in Wiltshire, (not the most obvious place to start a footwear brand!) but as you know our shoes are handmade in Northampton. 

Founder Danielle calls Swindon home and has done for 28 years.  So where is better to start than home...

We know that shopping is probably not on the top of your favourite things to do list, or even your high priority list which is where the fitting service comes in handy.

We conduct 15 minute consultations, where you have chance to meet the designer, see the full Percy Stride range and get fitted for the right size.
(and before you start thinking you'll have to try on loads, at Percy Stride you only need try on 1 pair as all the shoes are the same fit throughout!) - Happy Days! 
We understand there is a trepidation about buying shoes online, especially from an unknown brand and it doesn't matter how much we post on social media about how comfortable the shoes are , you'll still want the confidence of knowing that for yourself. 

By making an appointment and meeting with Danielle, you will be able to see the entire range of footwear for yourself, have your feet measured and try on our shoes all in a short 15 minute consultation (less than a lunch break!)


We will conducting our fitting appointments at the Swindon Marriott Hotel within their Avebury suite, just off the main reception.

If you have a something coming up and no time to shop, you could do worse that pop by and get fitted. 

Our next fitting will be on the Wednesday the 18th of March between 10am-3pm

If you can't make one of our fitting days/times but are interested in the shoes, please contact us to arrange an alternative day.


Proper shoes are vitally important not only for making an incredible first impression on your colleagues and clients but also to ensure you are comfortable throughout a long day. 

There is evidence to support that at an interview the state of your shoes and overall dress contribute toward your like hood of landing the job and that a lasting impression is made in the first 8 seconds of meeting someone! 

If you aren't already aware Percy Stride shoes have a lifespan of 25 years, meaning you can get your shoes resoled or rebuilt instead of having to replace. 

The quality of our shoes means a reduction in foot odour, increase in water resistance and a bit of extra width as standard for ultimate comfort. 

If you think your colleagues would love Percy Stride's as much as you do we will happily arrange a fitting for the whole team.

For all workplace fittings we will happily offer 15% off per pair for everyone.

If you would like to arrange a personal fitting for your workplace please contact us using the form below  and Danielle will be in touch or alternatively use

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In order to book your appointment simply fill in your details below and we will contact you to arrange a time slot.