quarantine games

We have created some challenging quarantine games to get us the coming weeks. It's important to make sure our brains and alert and challenged, even in times when its so easy to lay back, watch the television and slob out. 
We will be releasing a new game every week on Facebook with some offering prizes and rewards, it's important to follow our page to be first out the gate to win! But if that's not your cup of tea we will be posting all the games after they go live onto this page for you to have a go at your leisure! 

We will release the results on this page the following week :) 

Happy Gaming! 

Week One : Spot The Difference 04/04/20

There are 10 differences to find amongst this jumble! Good luck!  

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Colouring in 

We've produced a series of colouring in challenges for the aspiring footwear designers out there! Get your little ones involved and spark their creativity!  Click on the links to download the print outs!
We'd love to see their accomplishments! Please send us your pic's to info@percystride.com or tag us on facebook @PercyStride

A Circle Of Shoes - Download

Butterfly Oxford - Download

Retro Footwear - Download

Be A Designer - Download

Percy Stride Word search

Print out Wordsearch and view results

Week Three : Spot The Difference 19/04/2020

10 differences to spot on this one! Have fun! 

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Click here for the print out version or to view the results