It's all about collaboration. Percy Stride works with craftsman all over the United Kingdom, sourcing the best patternmakers, leather merchants, re-solers to name a few. But what's most important is that everything we provide down from our footwear to our business cards are designed in the UK and made in the UK.   


Established in 1881, our Northampton factory boasts a team of highly specialized and skilled craftsman.
Shoes in Northampton are noted for their exquisite quality and their shoe making dates back to the 13th century. Retaining tradition and family values throughout the years and it's vitally important to us to highlight our English footwear heritage, promoting the ongoing and increasing talent of our British products and those who are talented enough to create them.

Our team of highly skilled men and women create the best men's smart shoes in Northampton with the traditional Goodyear welted construction technique to the highest specification.
Our small quantities to allow for perfect precision and excellence throughout every range. 

shoemaking in Northampton
shoemaking in northampton
shoemaking in northampton
shoemaking in northampton

Our footwear tends to be ambitious and unique in design. We work with our factory to create these details as well as partnering with neighbouring craftsman to achieve screen-printing and debossing techniques to the highest quality and finish.Scroll down to book our factory tour. 


When it comes to our range of accessories we looked a bit closer to founder Danielle's home county of Wiltshire. Now you don't find many shoe factories around these parts but you do find incredibly talented leather goods from an array of small business owners. We collaborated with Green's Belt Makers to bring our clients a range of bespoke belts which match perfectly to our footwear. We share the same Made in Britain ethos and Green's Belts source the same leather from our Northampton merchants....a match made in heaven. We know from experience that belts are a tricky accessory; they often fluctuate in size and can be difficult to pair and with our ambitious leather choices this is even more of a hurdle. By having our belts handmade to size in the same leathers as our footwear we are able to provide a more tailored experience for our clients and take the stress of the pairing away.  



Percy Stride recently added wallets to their range, well you won't be surprised to know they to are handmade in the west of England. Our wallets are beautifully crafted by hand by an Army Veteran, delicately placing our logo to the wallet surface using an engraving technique.We are incredibly proud of the skilled men and women who work with Percy Stride across the United Kingdom and in turn being able to produce a whole range of products for our clients that we know have been created by the best. 



Re-soling and Re-building is a big part of Percy Stride. We think it's essential to provide our clients with long-term care and reduce fashion and footwear waste in anyway we can. Our footwear can last upto 25 years with the right care and we provide that care by working with a talented footwear repairer and customizer in Somerset. Our shoes return looking like new, after the care and attention they recieve.



Our esteemed Northampton Factory offers free factory tours to clients and enthusiasts alike. Take a guided tour around the factory and learn how English shoes are made. A fun filled day for all the family.Fill in our contact form below for more information and dates.(Due to Covid restrictions, we currently don't have any available dates for the next factory tour, however if you did have an interest in attending one in the future, please contact us and as soon as we hear of re-opening we will contact you!)