Handmade English Shoes

Established in 1881, how Northampton factory boasts a team of highly specialized and skilled craftsman.
.Shoemaking in Northampon dates back to the 13th century, retaining tradition and family values throughout the years and it's vitally important to us to highlight our British footwear heritage, promoting the ongoing and increasing talent of our British products and those who are talented enough to create them. 

Our team of highly skilled men and women create the best English shoes with the traditional Goodyear welted construction technique to the highest quality and in the smallest quantities to allow for perfect precision and excellence. 

shoemaking in northampton

The Goodyear Welted Construction

British Goodyear welted construction is amongst the best quality in the world enabling clients to experience the most comfortable shoes without concern over their longevity.
One of the most stable and traditional forms of shoemaking in Northampton, this technique enables Percy Stride footwear to become an investment for our clients. A welt of this calibre produces the most durable footwear, water resistance footwear and most importantly extends the life of the shoes, by enabling them to be re-soled and re-built in the years to come. 

Our Factory Tour

Our esteemed Northampton Factory offers free factory tours to clients and enthusiasts alike. 
Take a guided tour around the factory and learn how English shoes are made. A fun filled day for all the family.
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