Can You Wear Oxford Shoes in the Summer?

Updated: Jul 14

While handcrafted men’s Oxford shoes may look mighty fine, are they right for the hot summer season? A question we get asked quite a lot around this time of the year is whether our shoes and any other style of dress shoes for that matter, are suitable in the summer. It’s quite a conundrum for many men, as choosing a ‘practical’ alternative like sneakers or loafers sometimes compromises style – which is an absolute no-no for all dapper gentlemen. So, what’s the story morning glory? Is it possible to sport a pair of super fashionable Oxford shoes in the warm sunny months? Or do all gentlemen have to succumb to the reality of a more practical, but less sexy choice in footwear? Here’s the low-down.

The weather rule Let’s get things straight, if you’re planning on wearing a pair of Percy Stride men’s Oxford shoes to the beach on a blistering hot day, it might not prove to be the best choice. Not because they’re uncomfortable to wear, but because you’ll look like an absolute plonker! However, if the sun is shining, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Oxford shoes and other dress shoes have to be benched. After all, we still need to turn up to work looking sharp and make an impression on dates or when socialising. The beauty of Oxford shoes in recent years is that they have become increasingly more versatile in the world of fashion. Before, a pair of Oxfords were only paired with a smart suit for a formal occasion or a big board meeting. Nowadays, this traditional style of shoes is widely accepted come rain or shine. In fact, the greater responsibility falls on your ability to choose the right type of clothing and colour combinations to go with your Oxford shoes. If you get this wrong, you’ll feel uncomfortable, look overdressed and get a few awkward looks – no pressure then!

Stock up on jeans and chinos In the summer season, chinos really come into a league of their own. They’re a great alternative to jeans and also give you a broader spectrum of colours to work with. Ideally, basic colours like navy, brown, sand or black will help you bring brown or black Oxfords to life. If it’s too hot for a blazer, go for a neutral coloured short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. Or if you’re attending a more formal event, a long-sleeve cotton button-up shirt will ensure you look smarter and keep awkward sweat issues at bay. For jeans, it’s a similar rule to chinos. However, we highly recommend that you stick to dark blue and black jeans to create a minimal but uber-stylish finish. Remember, you won’t need a trench coat, overcoat or pea coat during the summer, so a smarter cotton buttoned shirt is essential once again. Providing you have the right style of jeans, you could always roll them up to show your ankles for a slight hipster feel.

Can you wear Oxford shoes with shorts?

Sometimes jeans and chinos simply won’t cut the mustard in the summer – especially when you’re indulging in a long spot of city sightseeing or shopping.

A pair of leather Oxford shoes do in fact work very well with shorts, providing you choose the right style.

Your best option is to opt for brown Oxfords with patterned or plain maroon or dark blue chino shorts, a plain white shirt, trendy sunglasses and a silver watch. While shorts may feel traditionally casual, adding smarter elements to your outfit will help strike a balance between smart and casual.

In the evening when the temperature is cooler, you can always add another layer in the form of a blazer.

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