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Back to Work Style: Best Men’s Office Wear

In today’s modern world, men’s office wear is an integral part of a gent’s DNA. From head to toe, it’s time to make a lasting impression and remind all those at work what they’ve been missing.

I do declare, “Men’s office wear is back on the agenda!”

Those of us aware of the permanence of class, who live and breathe a career reinforced by style, know it’s high time to rise again with a new office wardrobe.

So, kick up your heels and send those tatty old slippers into yesteryear. When you walk back through those swinging office doors in brand new office attire; an air of confidence, composure, and credibility to match, it will be with the stride of a man who ruddy well knows what time it is!

For the freedom now to express the next best range in men’s office wear has arrived.

First on the men’s office wear agenda, the shirt.

Back to Work Style – The Shirt

Back to work style for men

Nothing says office gentleman like a crisp, clean shirt, well pressed and ironed, without a crease in sight. Comfortable yet tight. Soft but durable. The only way to achieve a shirt that will stay signature to your style is to invest in quality. No cheap half measure short cuts! You know how that turns out. Before long, you’ll be back on the high street buying a new set because of fast fading, sweat stains, and God knows what.

Stay fresh and invest in one quality shirt for each day of the week. A classic white shirt such as an Arthur and Henry, White Herringbone, or White Men’s Fairtrade Organic Oxford Shirt would be just the ticket. We recommend Arthur and Henry because of their unwavering quality and eco-friendly nature.

Fast fashion is a problem not just for the condition of your clothing but the planet too. Hit two birds with one stone by investing in quality office clothing and the environment.

Alongside a couple of fresh whites, you may wish to vary your colour palette with some pale pinks, blues, greens, and darker shades. These colour preferences should complement your character, complexion, and remaining office wear accessories to your overall outfit.

Back to Work Style – Trousers

Men's office wear

Next on the men’s office wardrobe list, trousers.

A slick and sleek pair of office trousers do the business. Chic, strong, and well fitted give you the room to get the job done. A few pairs of high-end performance trousers will see you through those long days and weeks. Having the right support and comfort is key to staying confident.

We recommend Everlane’s Performance 5-Pocket Pant Uniform. Elements of performance include 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Perfect for an office environment and lifestyle. Everlane has these performance pants available in black, navy, slate grey, and dried thyme.

For a smart-casual vibe, perhaps more suitable in the summer months, Everlane also offers the Performance Chino Uniform range. Once again, available colours range from black, navy, slate grey with additional stone, dark olive, and abalone.

We recommend Everland because they value their customer highly, reporting the exact costs of what their products cost to make. Furthermore, by being online only, Everlane has removed brick-and-mortar expenses to reduce carbon emissions and pass the savings onto their customer.

Back to Work Style – Shoes

Men's Office Wear

“Quite right, Bette!” With the right shoes, you can glide around the office, stand up straight and dictate the deeds for the day with poise and ease. Starting from the ground up, shoes are the most important aspect of an outfit. Their eyes might be up here, but believe me, gents, women will cast a look at your shoes and judge you directly on them. Scuffed, flimsy, or worn and you’ll carry out the wrong impression.

Having strong, stylish, and comfortable footwear will keep your feet firmly set on delivering the day through in style. Something must be said about the confidence a good pair of shoes brings a man, and what better way to showcase his talents than at the workplace?

Remember, you will be wearing the same shoes, day-in and day-out, so you want to feel smashing in them. But more importantly, you want the things to jolly well last! Save yourself by buying a new pair of cheap shoes every six months to a year when the right pair will last you a lifetime.

For these reasons, we recommend our new marvellous range of brogues and classic Oxfords. Like all shoes at Percy Stride, our Watson Brogues in both brown and black are 100% handmade in Northampton, the home of traditional English shoemaking, complete with Goodyear welted construction. Further perks include a full leather lining, sole, shock reducing stacked leather heel and a limited-edition sole stamp.

“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” – Bette Midler

If you happen to be a man about town, constantly travelling from one meeting to another, then we offer a complete re-soling and re-heeling service at a very reasonable price if and at all required.

For a more refined men’s office wear appearance, explore our range of Oxfords.

Back to Work Style – Ties and Accessories

Men's Office Wear

Now for the finishing touches. No men’s office outfit is complete without the right accessories. While the main features for office professionalism are set by the shirt, trousers and shoes, neckwear and accessories can make you stand out and show off some personality.

Having a range of ties to complement your office wardrobe and convey your character is important to stay distinguished.

These little details will set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out in the board room. If you are after something vintage, colourful, and elegant, then take a look at the range available from General Knot & Co.

GK&Co. provide limited edition neckwear and accessories, using rare vintage fabrics sourced from all over the world. They aim to produce uniquely distinguished, durable items alongside a sustainable manufacturing process by re-crafting formally forgotten vintage materials into luxury garments.

If you prefer a classic finish, then check out James Morton Ties. With over 40 years of experience supplying ties to brands in the hotel, transport, security, retail, and service industries, they are masters of their trade.

James Morton’s range of corporate ties will promote your company and enhance the professionalism of your office men’s wear.

Men’s Office Wear Overview

Now we can re-join our colleagues back in the office it’s time to spend that saved-up cash staying inside on a quality office wardrobe. Being confident in your work and within your working environment is the key ingredient to getting the best out of your working day.

Impress your boss and inspire your colleagues with some brand-new office clothing. From head to toe, make a lasting impression and remind all those at work that you mean business.

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