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Made to last…

At Percy Stride we encourage extending the longevity of our footwear and all footwear. In a “throw a way” culture, it is important we again start to appreciate quality and think about how we can invest in our purchases rather than add to this disposable culture.

In light of this we are in collaboration with a small and skilled team of cobblers down in Somerset who re craft all Percy Stride footwear. Since all our footwear is valuable to us and highly sort after, we decided to re craft all our pairs of Oxfords which had been previously worn for photo shoots or tried on by prospective clients. In order to get them to brand new status these pairs have had their leather re-built, buffed and polished as well as their sole replaced and embossed. You wouldn’t know they weren’t new!

We know that our clients wouldn’t mind the occasional scuff or scratch but we take sure pride in the construction and manufacture of our footwear and feel that it is essential that no pair be sold if not in pristine condition.

These shoes will be few and far between and only advertised for sale via our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram in specific one-off sizes, so keep your eyes peeled!

Due to the discounted cost of these one of a kind shoes we don’t expect them to hang around for long so if you wish to get your hands on a pair please select to purchase our restored shoes as you would a new pair online and follow the payment instructions. They will be delivered to you as good as new.

If you wish to purchase our re crafting service for your own shoes, please purchase this online and we will send through a postage label for you.

Our full re-craft includes a total re-sole and re-welt, re-building of leather and a polish and shine, so all those tough creases and annoying scuffs will be no more!

Should you want something a like special or different, such as an engraving or pyrography just send us an email and we will happily organize this for you.