To Repair or Buy New – 5 Things to Consider

Are your shoes looking a bit worse for wear? Sometimes, you don’t need to buy a brand new pair. Here are five things you should take into account.

Over the course of a lifetime, buying a new pair of shoes can cost you a lot of money, with one survey revealing that men will blow their cash on an average of 258 pairs of trainers or shoes during this time.

However, repairing a pair of good quality shoes can help drastically cut down this figure and save you some money in the process too.

The question is, how do you know when to head to your local cobbler or the nearest recycling bin?

Here are five things to consider before making your decision.

The quality of your local cobbler

Just like any profession, quality is priceless. While some cobblers may offer a cheap solution to fix your shoes, it might only be a case of patching up instead of repairing.

In other words, if the job isn’t completed very well, you could end up at square one again, or even worse, completely ruin your shoes altogether.

Ask your local cobblers to explain how they plan to fix your shoes and with what materials. Independent shops are your best bet as chain ones don’t always provide the same quality finishes.


One of the biggest factors in making your decision boils down to cost. Always ask your cobbler how much it’s going to cost to fix your pair of shoes. A regular job shouldn’t really exceed £50, so if your shoes are worth more than that, you’ve already made a smart investment.

Check the uppers

When it comes to men’s oxford shoes or brogues, the big indicator of whether you should repair or replace depends on the upper part of the footwear.

If it’s dry or has started cracking, then it’s not worth repairing as the leather is already on its way out. However, if the bottom part of the shoe is the problem, it can easily be rectified.

To maintain the leather on your shoes, you may find our previous blog useful: ‘6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Shoes’.

‘Toe’ expensive to fix

Another element of a leather pair of shoes to consider is the toe box. Damage to the cardboard frame at the toe of the shoe is simply too expensive to fix a lot of the time.

These damages usually occur from indentations from kicking or being stepped on.

Assess the latest fashion trends

If your pair of shoes is subject to a fashion trend, you may not want to take them to the cobblers anyway.

The beauty of men’s Oxford shoes and brogues is that they are timeless. However, the colour is always worth considering. Will a flamboyant colour always match your wardrobe if you often go for more subtle shades? Probably not.

But if they are a black, brown or blue pair, the chances are that they will.

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