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Wholesale inquiries

If you would like to inquire further about possible retail/wholesale opportunities or collaborations with Percy Stride please contact us via our e-mail info@percystride.com or download our Wholesale catalogoe and line sheet below:

Line Sheet

Wholesale Booking Form

Full Wholesale Catalogue

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may pose or read some of our client testimonials below:

” Since I got my Nightfall Blue Oxfords from Percy Stride I have been using them quite a lot. The deep blue color is what caught my attention in the first place, and they certainly haven’t disappointed! On some of the photos on Percy Strides Instagram the shoes look brighter, and on others they have the deeper shade of blue. My own personal experience of this is that the Nightfall Blue Oxfords are quite adaptable because of this deep blue color! Sometimes they look very dark, especially indoors, while, (depending on the weather), they can shine and really stick out in other settings! They are therefore very versatile to different styles and work perfectly to both casual and formal styles!

However, I would recommend getting a rubber sole if your planning on using them outside during the Autumn, since the leather sole will be worn out quicker if used outdoors in wet weather.

Concerning my general experience with the company, Percy Stride has quickly advanced to my number 1 shoe brand! The fact that it’s a small company creates a very nice environment where, in contacting the brand, the response has been very quick, factual, and personally tailored. I will certainly be back for my second pair in the future! “

“What can I say to the uninitiated who haven’t tried a pair of Percy strides yet, your missing out on the best shoes around.

Comfortable wide fitting, a shoe with a style and character of their own (like their creator).

The quality and attention to detail is second to none and if you buy a pair of noontide’s you’re not alone in a room for long.

Now when I say stunning and quirky yes I could be talking about the shoes again but this equally applies to Danielle the genius behind the shoes!

She has a passion and drive that you just do not see anymore, buying  a pair of shoes from her is like becoming a friend she cares about her shoes and the people who buy them.

Now I think I have embarrassed her enough so on a finishing note just let me say, if you don’t own a pair yet why not?”

“I stumbled across the Percy Stride website whilst googling for advice on the best type of shoes for men to buy. I read a few of the blogs on the website-they seemed to know what they were talking about, and the designs of the shoes looked incredible, so I purchased a pair. The quality of the shoes is magnificent, they look great and fit perfectly. The founder got in touch with me via email after my order was made, which you don’t get from many companies! Recommended.”