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Hello Striders

Welcome to our little website, celebrating the British design and manufacture of footwear. Yes, that is me, Danielle Founder and Designer of Percy Stride, and no I can't take a serious photograph. 

Percy Stride isn't another corporation, it isn't another money-making machine, it's a family, and everyone involved prides themselves on honesty, integrity, and loyalty.
Our handmade shoes are brought to life by a family-run factory and behind the scenes, we are a little but powerful machine.

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My Story

After achieving my degree in Footwear design in 2016, I began planning Percy Stride almost immediately. 

I often get asked why I decided to create a Men's footwear brand and the simple answer being "Men shop differently". After seeing walls of the same styles and colours in every high street shop, I wanted to create footwear that appealed to more dramatic and courageous shoppers while still having the foundation of fantastically constructed, English handmade manufacture.

With experience within biomechanics and chiropractic wellness, I wanted to make sure the shoes were both beautiful looking as well as comfortable and beneficial to the wearer, looking after and educating clients on overall foot health as well as fashion.

One thing I personally believe we are losing in the age of fast fashion is the sense of human reaction and genuine consideration.

I wanted to create Percy Stride with honesty as the core value. We don't pretend to be something we aren't, like flashy or fabulous. Just real people wanting to see real smiles on real faces.
We don't have multiple divisions and you won't hear the words "customer service department" from us. We are the customer service department.

Scattered around the island of Great Britain we all come together to ensure Percy Stride is achieving and evolving
to become the best handmade English shoe brand. Every single person who contributes to the success of Percy Stride feels a genuine sense of appreciation and passion for the brand. 



It's not all work! 

Yes, there is a lot involved in making Percy Stride run like a well oiled machine, but we are all human and we don't take life too seriously!

(Especially when we're on the road!)

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