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You Asked, We Answered

We get asked a lot of questions online and while we are out and about meeting and greeting clients; so we thought it might be helpful to put these all together and make your decision-making process and shopping experience easier. 

Where are Percy Strides made? Does it make a difference?

Percy Stride Oxfords and Monks are made with a small family-run factory in Northampton, UK. Our shoes do not leave this factory except when they are on their way to you! Components such as screen printing which you see on our Black and White Oxfords and our embossing techniques have seen throughout our range are taken off site to complete but we use local Northampton businesses for this work, meaning the leather never travels more than 3 miles. 

There are many factories and skilled tradesmen abroad, but we think making British makes a difference. It's important to us that we are contributing to our community and economy as well as producing a product that has a long lifespan and quality construction. You can book to visit our factory and learn more about it on our "Made in England" page. Our Blog also delves into this subject extensively with articles such as "5 Facts About British Footwear You Probably Didn't Know" and "Shoemaking in Northampton: Why it's Integral to British Footwear

What’s the difference between a British Brand and British made?

If a business is primarily started and managed from the UK it can be considered a British brand without having to make its products primarily in the UK. 

What is the difference in Goodyear welted construction as opposed to others?

There are 4 main types of footwear construction, Goodyear Welted, Blake Stitched, Cemented, and Vulcanized. Without going into the ins and outs of the footwear construction process it basically means: 

Goodyear Welted - A piece of leather stitched around the shoe attaching the insole and the upper. Can be easily un-stitched, repaired, or replaced giving a long lifespan of upwards of 20 years. 

Blake Stitched - A single stitch holds everything together (not scary still widely used and efficient) the shoes are less expensive and more flexible. Can be resoled but only once the original sole is damaged and needs special equipment to do so.

Cemented - The most widely used form of construction. The sole of a shoe is attached using an extremely strong adhesive, reducing the cost to the client. Footwear is created quickly and therefore more colours and styles can be created but cemented does not allow for resoling. 

Vulcanized - A cemented method of attaching a sole, however, this form of construction is primarily used for rubberized soles of sneakers and trainers. 

See our articles "What is a Goodyear Welt?" for more information.

I have a foot condition, can you help?

Percy Stride shoes are not orthopedic footwear, however, our Northampton-made footwear will often supply the support and construction needed to aid most foot conditions. In order to address these issues more thoroughly, we created specific Foot Care Guides covering arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and many others offering advice and options when it comes to footwear selection.

Do you make bespoke shoes?

Percy Stride is not a bespoke footwear service. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate a made-to-measure service however if you contact us we will happily suggest some bespoke shoe-makers that may be able to help. 

I have “big” feet can you expand your sizing?

The Percy Stride range accommodates sizing 7-12 currently. Due to specific last shapes, we are unable to create larger sizes at the moment, however, we are happy to guide you through the fitting process and find our clients who are a size 13 can get into a Percy Stride Oxford size 12. Our Oxfords accommodate a slightly wider foot but if you are nervous you may always contact us directly beforehand.  

We are provided resources such as our fitting guide as well as fitting information on each product page.  

I wear out my shoes really quickly, it doesn’t make sense to buy expensive shoes does it? 

If you are on your feet all day you probably get a lot of wear out of your shoes, especially if you are a heavy striker, however its all about the type of footwear you should be buying rather than the cost. If you spend £50 per pair of shoes every 6 months for a 20 year period (lifespan of Goodyear welted shoes) you'll spend £2000 on shoes in total in that time.  

You need a pair of shoes that is Goodyear welted or Blake Stitched if this is the case. By choosing this construction you can re-sole your shoes as and when you need to, never having to replace a pair again. 

What’s the difference between burnishing calf leather, hi-shine, or patent for my shoes?

All leathers used for Percy Stride shoes are calf leather which is durable and shows fewer abrasions if scuffed or scratched. 

A burnishing leather seen on our Midnight Blue and Black Oxfords is a calf leather that has been coloured and darkened in areas such as the toe, creating a break up of colour and adds character. 

Hi-Shine leather is simply more treated - a polymer coating is applied to the leather creating a longer-lasting shine. A hi-shine often shows fewer abrasions and also fewer creases once the shoe is worn. It can be highly polished to create a patent effect. 

Patent - The most treated form of calf leather. The shoe is extremely shiny and very easy to clean. A simple patent spray will suffice to brighten the shine for an occasion. 

Try our article "Types of Leather - Why it Matters When Buying Shoes

Can you personalize my shoes?

We can personalize your shoes after purchase. We work with a team in Somerset which provides bespoke engravings and pyrography techniques to make your shoes one of a kind. We are happy to arrange this for you, simply contact us for more information. 

Do you provide re-soling? Yes, we certainly do. If you decide you'd like your shoes re-soled, re-heeled, or customized please contact us directly to arrange.

Are Percy Stride in any shops? Where can I buy them?

We currently have a small selection of our footwear in Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping centre - Charles Clinkards. We love to conduct our business directly and therefore cutting out any middleman margins or charges. Buying directly from us guarantees the best of customer service and a personal experience. You can find out if we are at any events near you by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Do you have annual sales?

We do not do regular annual or seasonal sales, our product is competitively priced within the market however occasionally we will do one-off sales and offers and the best way to hear about them is to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram

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