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I created Percy Stride as a unique and creative alternative for men’s footwear. Having experienced the limitless freedom of design while studying footwear at university, I could not understand why I was still seeing high-street stores lined with shelves of boring repetitive styles and colours that have been done a hundred times over.

I wanted Percy Stride to be quietly exclusive, maintain the handmade Northampton quality but provide an essence of drama with every pair. A delicate balance of modern design and traditional values. There is nothing more crucial than making sure my clients are happy throughout the process .

Please take the time to explore what Percy Stride has to offer. Thank you for visiting.

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Percy Stride Shoes About Us

Who is Percy Stride?

Percy Stride isn't another corporation, it isn't another money-making machine, it's a family.

Our handmade shoes are brought into life in a family run factory and behind the scenes we are a little but powerful machine made up of a designer, photographer, copywriter and friends.
We don't pretend to be something we aren't, like flashy or fabulous. Just real people wanting to see real smiles on real faces.
We don't have multiple divisions and you won't hear the words "customer service department" from us. We are the customer service department.

Scattered around the island of Great Britain we all come together to ensure Percy Stride is achieving and evolving
to become the best handmade English shoe brand.

Why Men's Shoes?

I often get asked why I decided to create a Men's footwear brand and the simple answer being "Men shop differently". Sick of seeing walls of Black and Brown brogues in any high street shop, I wanted to create footwear which appealed to more dramatic and courageous shoppers while still having the foundation of fantastically constructed, English handmade manufacture.
With experience within bio-mechanics and chiropractic wellness, I wanted to make sure the shoes were both beautiful looking as well as comfortable and beneficial to the wearer, looking after and educating clients on overall foot health as well as fashion.

Percy Stride Shoes About Us

"The bitterness of poor quality, remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

A word from the designer...

Hi I'm Danielle and I'm the designer and founder of Percy Stride. I started my brand in 2017 after a 3 year footwear design degree at De Montfort University Leicester. I decided there wasn't a singular area of the course which I preferred and therefore decided to put all the skills I had learnt over 3 years to good use, by starting my own
footwear company based on the designs, quality and values I most looked for myself. 
It's been a tough old ride but I've loved every minute and continue to love it more and more. I would classify myself as a "one-woman band" with a lot of support. It's always been essential to me to continue learning every single aspect of my business from design to customer satisfaction, I listen to the desires and needs of my clients to make sure I am protecting the brand and creating what my clients want to see. 
There were only 2 main criteria I wanted to incorporate. English manufacture and unique design aesthetic. Taking an active role in the business I attend every show and meet every client I am able to. After all first hand feedback is always the most valuable.
Many clients have inspired my designs and their comments have lead Percy Stride to become a notable Northampton Brand.
Another great way to get to know us is through our blog and social media. We work hard as a team to make sure we choose our weekly blog content based on the queries and concerns of clients we meet and speak to on a regular basis. It's a great way to work out what we truly care about, which is of course...You. 

Percy Stride Shoes About Us