The story of Percy Stride is simple. British handmade quality men's shoes.
Launched in 2017 by young footwear design graduate Danielle Wathes. Percy Stride provides the best Northampton handcrafted Men's footwear with a foundation of traditional Goodyear Welted construction dating back decades and a friendly personal service, based on personal client - designer connection and trust.Percy Stride isn't just a conventional shoe brand. We want to move away from the negative affects of technology and create a lasting relationship and rapport with our clients. Our Men's footwear is made to last, so we feel our relationships should be built on the same quality.
We offer a service which is personal and unique. Tending to the needs and concerns of our clients.

Handmade oxford Men's shoes

"The bitterness of poor quality, remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotton."

After a 3 year footwear design degree at De Montfort University Leicester, creator of Percy Stride, Danielle decided there wasn't a singular area of the course which she preferred and therefore decided to put all the skills she had learnt over 3 years to good use, by starting her own footwear company. 

There were only 2 main criteria she wanted to incorporate. British manufacture and unique design aesthetic. Taking an active role in the business was never a choice and Danielle chooses to attend every show and meet every client she is able to. After all first hand feedback is always the most valuable. 

Many clients have inspired Danielle's designs and their comments have lead Percy Stride to become a notable Northampton Brand.

Why Men's Footwear?
Danielle often gets asked why she decided to create a Men's footwear brand and the simple answer being "Men shop differently". Sick of seeing walls of Black and Brown brogues in any high street shop, Danielle wanted to create footwear which appealed to more dramatic and courageous shoppers while still having the foundation of fantastically constructed, English handmade manufacture. 
With experience within bio-mechanics and chiropractic wellness, Danielle wanted to make sure the shoes were both beautiful looking as well as comfortable and beneficial to the wearer, looking after and educating clients on overall foot health as well as fashion. 

Handmade oxford men's shoes
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