Get Access To 7 Completely Free Foot Care Guides - Don't Struggle To Find Shoes Again!

There have been many occasions during our travels where we have been asked by members of the public about a series of foot health conditions and how to choose appropriate footwear to manage them. 
So we decided to do something about it!
You might be thinking "They design shoes, they aren't doctors" and you'd be right. That being said founder of Percy Stride Danielle not only studied footwear design for 3 years at university, covering bespoke shoe making and bio mechanics under one of the countries leaders in this field but she also has a background in spinal and chiropractic care. We don't pretend to know it all but what we do know we will share with you and point you in the right direction. 

Our free guides include:

  • Overview of condition
  • Aids to help management
  • Do's and don'ts in regards to footwear
  • Information on Orthopedic inserts and footwear
  • Advice on where to source suitable footwear
  • Names and website links to reputable brands, shoemakers, podiatrists and biomechanists

We have provided 7 Free Guides covering the following ailments: 

  • Arthritis 
  • Diabetes
  • False Leg Length
  • High Arch / High Instep
  • Wide / Narrow Feet
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Flat Feet

Our Free Guides can be downloaded in PDF format individually, but you may download as many as you like. This page is not fully visible on the website, therefore we require you to sign up to gain access to the worksheets via the form below. Once Submitted you will be taken straight to the sign up page!