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9 Black and White Gifts for Him

Looking for a present with a twist? Discover this dynamic range of black and white gifts for him.

There’s nothing quite as classic as the black and white combination. A timeless blend that stays in fashion all year round, generation after generation.

This bold and contrasting combo continually captures the imagination. For centuries these two non-colours are associated with life and death rituals, alongside good and evil symbolism.

No matter the interpretation, the power behind this diametric union makes for a gift guaranteed to stay complete, classy, and contemporary all year round.

Black and white gifts for him

1. Tuxedo – King Allen Bespoke Tailoring

Nothing says black and white elegance like a crisp tailor-made tuxedo. Think, 007-bulletproof-sophistication with a gift that’s class will last a lifetime.

What we love about King Allen is that they craft their suits from sustainable materials like bamboo. This means you can enjoy the luxury with peace of mind you’re not contributing to climate change.

King Allen offers a bespoke tailoring service to residents in the UK, including consultation, cloth selection, suit styling, measurement, baste fitting, and final fitting.

2. Black tie – TheHempShopCo

To complement a brand-new black suit, why not purchase a natural fibre, biodegradable, pure hemp tie? This eco-friendly suit accessory can be used for all formal and work events. Available to order from TheHempShopCo via Etsy.

3. Classic black and white Oxford shoes – Percy Stride

The Oxford shoe is an elegant dress shoe dating back to 1800. Oxford shoes have become so distinguished and dynamic that they are now even fashionable with women.

Percy Stride provides a black and white Oxford that will catch the eye on any occasion. Like all Percy Stride footwear, this show-stopping original is made in Northampton using a traditional Goodyear welted construction.

The iconic handcrafted timepiece screen print on the rear quarter of each shoe is a guaranteed conversation starter and the perfect homage to the Oxfords timeless appearance.

4. Black and white belts – Percy Stride

Compliment your black and white Oxford footwear with either a black or white belt to match. Depending on the colour of the suit, Percy Stride offers superior men’s accessories as gifts. The 100% solid genuine leather belts include no stitched or bonded layers to maintain durability and pristine elegance.

5. World Cup ball 1970 (Telstar) – Classic Football Shop

This iconic football first debuted its evocative design at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, where a famous Brazil side featuring Pele ran out as champions. Remembered as perhaps one of the greatest World Cups in history for the attacking football on display, the football itself is also ingrained in the memory for multiple reasons.

The ball was formally known as a truncated icosahedron and was created to make it visible on black and white television due to the 1970 World Cup games being the first-ever broadcast live on TV.

The Classic Football Shop offers this Adidas replica, complete with 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons. A perfect gift to keep on display, or to run through the famous Jairzinho goal outside in the garden.

6. The Beatles ‘Black and White’ album – Discogs

No matter when you were born, most people have heard of ‘The White Album’ (1968) by the Beatles. Some may have even heard of ‘The Black Album’ (2014). However, I doubt many can recognise ‘The Black and White Album’.

Unofficially released in 1991, this 38-track album reveals rare recordings of the band performing covers from Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins. So, if you know a Beatles fanatic who also loves the blues, then this is the perfect black and white gift of ultimate authenticity.

The album is available to download from various music streaming sites. But if you want a physical copy to give as a gift, visit Discogs, where you can purchase it on CD.

7. James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ original poster – Art of the Movies

Black and white movie memorabilia can be a classy gift for those movie lovers amongst us. Likeminded distinguished gentlemen find infinity with the character James Bond. So, an original poster from his last ever movie will be a sentimental and symbolic gift.

Celebrate the end of an era with an original teaser one-sheet movie poster from the 25th official bond movie, “No Time to Die”, starring Daniel Craig in his final outing. Art of the Movies supplies original movie posters from various styles and decades. This piece, in particular, is a real collector’s item and is an ideal black and white gift for any James Bond fanatics.

8. Newgate Clocks Battersby wall clock – John Lewis

A sure sign of an established gentleman is one that ruddy well knows what time it is! The classic Newgate Battersby Wall Clock is ideal in the kitchen to keep you in check with the cooking.

John Lewis provides this model as a wall clock, complete with a black painted metal body and contrasting white face. Finished with vintage style hands and Roman numeral markings, this sophisticated piece remains distinctive and quintessentially English in appearance.

9. Chessboard – The Regency Chess Company

Famously said by Russian Chess Grandmaster, Anatoly Karpov: “Chess is everything: art, science and sport.” Therefore, it makes the perfect black and white gift for an intellectual, competitive, and calculated gentleman. Chess is full of benefits for the brain and can also be enjoyed by the person giving the gift.

The Regency Chess Company are purveyors of the finest quality chess sets. The luxury black and white, edge to edge Alabaster set is hand made by Scali Alabastro of Italy. The classic Staunton design handcrafted chess pieces are presented upon a board exquisitely polished. This item is beautiful to play on or to simply admire.

Why black and white gifts are the best for him

With so much unrivalled class and a variety of options, black and white are guaranteed to succeed in the gift department for you this year. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday or an anniversary, you can’t go wrong with one of these black and white gifts.

So, what defines the man is the same as what the black and white combination offers. He likes things clean and simple. He likes things bold, strong, and honest. He likes things, black and white. Therefore, the famous black and white pair will always remain a timeless blend for the ages. No matter the occasion, black and white is the perfect gift for him.

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