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5 Ways to Escape Reality

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A gentleman’s guide on how to escape reality in 2020 and take your mind off all the doom and gloom of Covid-19.

Let’s face it, things haven’t exactly gone to plan this year. However, socially isolating, lockdown, and working remotely doesn’t have to be an absolute s**t show.

In fact, there are some great ways to escape reality and keep yourself mentally stimulated and healthy. In this blog, we’ve included a selection of our favourites. Check them out and let us know what you think.

What to do to escape reality?

Escape reality idea #1

Visit a museum (#museumfromhome)

If you’re a cultured chap, don’t let any flight restrictions and quarantine deter your love of art. You can now visit some of the world’s most famous museums from the comfort of your home. Including the Louvre in Paris, the Guggenheim in New York, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

So, pour yourself a wine, sit back, and immerse yourself in the culture of a place far, far away.

Escape reality idea #2

Watch a movie with friends

One of the best ways of escaping reality is to watch a brilliant movie. But instead of doing it on your own, recreate a cinema vibe by installing the Netflix Party extension.

After you’ve clicked on the Netflix Party button, you just need to copy, paste and send the URL to all your friends. It’s a unique way of detaching yourself from the world and catching up with friends.

Escape reality idea #3

Write things down

Bottling up your anxieties isn’t a good thing. The Discovery Journal offers an escape from reality by enabling you to organise and make sense of your day.

As the world’s first compartmentalised mental health diary, there’s space to scribble down your thoughts, draw things and track your ups and downs via a yearly mood calendar.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about the way you feel, use this method to escape reality and clear your head. It really works.

Escape reality idea #4

Cook up a storm

Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, it’s never too late to pick up some extra culinary skills. Make things communal by inviting your friends and family to join you on an online cooking class with chefs around the world. Jamie Oliver is even doing a series of events.

It’s fun, engaging, and a perfect excuse to tuck away a few pints as you burn the house down!

Escape reality idea #5

Dress smart

Sitting around in your pants or shorts all day isn’t always a good thing. Instead, try dressing smart, as you would for work or a date. It will help you feel put together and give your day more purpose.

While a suit is probably a tad overkill, there’s nothing wrong with popping a smart shirt and a pair of jeans or trousers on. You can even swap your slippers for a pair of proper shoes, like our Oxfords or monks.

How do you escape from reality?

Expressing your opinion and sharing your ideas are essential parts of helping your mental state and those around you. Feel free to drop us a line, comment on social media, or share this article with your friends. You never know how much it will help.

The main thing is to do at least two things each day that you can look back on and appreciate. Keep active, lose yourself in something you love, and try (when you can) to talk to people.

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