Repairing Shoes - 6 Ways To Extend Their Life

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

When it comes to men’s shoes, you have a choice. Either neglect them and pay for a new pair every few months or care for one pair and have them for a lifetime. Here’s everything you need to know about successfully doing the latter.

After wearing a suit, what do you do with it? You hang it up or take it to the dry cleaners. The same principle applies to shoes. Just like a suit, if you threw a pair of expensive men’s shoes on the floor after wearing them, the quality of the product wouldn’t last.

The creative director at footwear brand The Frye Company, Michael Petry, says “The biggest mistake guys can make is to neglect caring for their shoes after they bring them home.”

The bottom line is, if you put some time into looking after the fabric and the soles of your shoes, they’ll stand the test of time.

A single pair of Percy Stride shoes equates to spending 2p per day over the next £25 years, so it really does pay off to invest in your footwear!

Here’s our quick guide on ways to do that, including a few trusted suppliers who specialize in shoe maintenance…

Purchasing repairable shoes, to begin with, is always the best start. A Goodyear welted shoe is the best way to go! The sole and heel can be easily removed making the over process of repairing shoes or customizing them a breeze!

If you want to know what a Goodyear Welt is and how it really makes all the difference...try our blog all about it first off.

Steel heel protectors

When you walk, your feet usually roll. For instance, right heel to left-big toe, otherwise known as gait, means that certain areas of your shoe are likely to wear out more quickly.

By simply looking at the soles of your shoes, you can start to see how you walk and put in special steel heel protectors. In the long run, this should reduce the likelihood of you having to replace them every month or two.

The great news is that Timpson offers metal heel protectors for only £2.75!

Our Percy Stride shoes all come with a rubber heel protector as standard. Simply meaning where you strike the hardest we have you covered! Your soles will last much longer than expected.

Shoe trees

Shoe trees are an inexpensive accessory with a number of uses. By placing your shoes or sneakers on them, you’ll successfully maintain the structure, size and shape. They are also great for preventing foot odour, so your loved ones don’t have to hold their noses every time you put them on!

If you’re after something a little special, our lovely friends at Kings of Somerset do customised shoe trees with illustrations using pyrography.

Shoe horns

Hands up if you’re guilty of slipping on your shoes! Shoe horns are a stylish accessory designed to reduce the strain on the leather and fabric of your shoes.

They also help you to maintain the structure of your shoes and prevent you from stepping on the back of them.

From a health perspective, a shoehorn can also remove any pressure on your lower back when bending down and putting them on

As a starting point, we highly recommend the range of shoe horns at A Fine Pair of Shoes.

Shoe racks

Simple but effective. A shoe rack can discourage you from discarding your shoes at the door and leaving them to face the elements in the colder months. Or if you have a shoe-hungry furry friend, a shoe rack can keep your footwear out of danger.

Similar to a shoehorn, it can prevent an unnecessary amount of bending down as well.

Apply special creams

Using a high-quality wax polish or cream after every use will instantly prevent cracking and give them a brand new look every time you put them on again.

Applying a liquid shield, like Liquiproof is also a top way of protecting your shoes from stains and dirt in damp/wet UK conditions.

(Above: Percy Stride Professor Oxfords £215 + Percy Stride Shoe Polish £5.90)

Add a rubber sole

Before you put a dress shoe or Oxford shoe on, get your local cobbler to put a rubber sole on the bottom to protect the leather sole from getting damaged. For less than £20, you’ll have better traction while walking and an inexpensive solution when you need to replace them. Or purchase a pair of our Percy Stride's and get your rubber protectors as standard. View our full range here.

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