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There’s Been a Massive Shift in the Shoe Industry!

A recent survey has found a fascinating shift in consumer behaviour and it’s changing the way the shoe industry looks forever.

According to Fashion Network, the average UK man now owns as many shoes as women and his footwear collection is worth more too.

The fascinating results indicate that both men and women own an average of 19 pairs of shoes, with a man’s accumulated value totaling £861 and a woman’s hitting just £789.

(Above: Percy Stride refurbished men's Sherlock Oxfords)

Fashion Network believes that a man usually has around eight pairs of trainers, five pairs of smart shoes, two pairs of boots, two pairs of sandals/flip-flops, a pair of football boots, and a pair of wellies.

Mintel’s industry data found that the average man has bought three pairs of shoes during 2016 in comparison to a woman who averages two. This shows that there’s been a big swing in the way men think about their appearance and no longer wish to stick to just a few pairs.

However, despite this fact, 78% of men and women both admitted to mostly wearing only three pairs from their whole collection.

What does this mean for the shoe industry?

The shift in sales explains why you’re starting to see a bigger range of men’s footwear appear in shops and online.

As a retailer, this urge to look good and have the necessary shoes to pull off a certain style is having a very positive impact on us.

Your continued support will lead to more styles being designed and further rewards down the line.

However, with 16-to-24-year-old men spending an average of £154 per year and 35-to-44-year-olds £157, there is an argument to say that the UK is being wasteful instead of resourceful.

Ways to extend the life of your shoes

While we welcome the news that men are taking more time to think about their footwear collection, we also care about your back pockets too. Extending the life of your shoes will have a positive impact on the shoe industry as a whole.

If you’re guilty of throwing away a pair of shoes at the first sign of wear and tear, you’re actively contributing to this “bin it” attitude our society has adopted.

When you buy a pair of men’s Oxford shoes with Percy Stride, we encourage our customers to take them to a cobbler to be fixed or adjusted in the future.

Granted, buying a different design or colour is absolutely fine. But if you want to get the most out of your footwear without spending more a few months down the line, you should consider these six top tips:

  • Steel heel protectors neutralise different walking patterns and ensure one side of the shoe doesn’t wear away too quickly.

  • Shoe trees to help preserve the shape of your shoes and help dry them out.

  • Shoe horns to stop you from breaking the backs of the shoes.

  • Special creams to stop the leather from cracking and always looking pristine.

  • A rubber sole which you can put over the regular one as a cheap way of replacing them at the cobblers.

You can find out more about shoe maintenance in our previous blog.

To see our full range of men’s Oxford shoes, take a look at our online shop here.

Who spends the most on footwear in your household? Let us know in the comments box below.

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