Every so often we have some special products, one-offs, competitions and giveaways we want to share with you. This page is created especially to cater for those annoucements!

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If you are wondering what makes these shoes different from our existing range, these ongoing offers are due to limited sizes left available, small imperfections or because they are being discontinued.


Every month we post a new deal or competition, so keep your eyes peeled because these might only be available for a short time!


Well, it's October all ready, and it's time for a new monthly offer! 

Firstly let me say thank you to all our Striders who entered last month's photo contest (we will be announcing the winner very shortly!) but competition or not we still love to hear your reviews so if you get a chance please go ahead and let us hear your thoughts and see your photos by clicking on the reviews tab!

In the month of October, we will be giving away a free bottle of suede and leather protection spray with our George-Chukka boots. If you've always been a bit wary of suede when coupled with the delightful British weather, you can be confident that your suede will be able to take on even the worst of what the UK weather has to offer with a couple of coats of protection spray usually £14.99!