Handmade Men's shoes

British footwear at its finest

Percy Stride shoes are quietly exclusive. Our Handmade Men's dress shoes are handcrafted in Northampton, England from beginning to end. Combining the highest quality of leathers with the prowess of our Goodyear Welted construction and skilled craftsmanship, we create unique Men's shoes for the English Gentleman.

Elite Craftsmanship

Made to last

I stumbled across the Percy Stride website whilst googling for advice on the best type of shoes for men to buy. I read a few of the blogs on the website-they seemed to know what they were talking about, and the designs of the shoes looked incredible, so I purchased a pair. The quality of the shoes is magnificent, they look great and fit perfectly. The founder got in touch with me via email after my order was made, which you don't get from many companies! Recommended.

Michael, UK

Percy Stride are a first-class shoe company. I'm extremely proud to call myself a Strider, with a pair of their oxfords on my feet. They're so well designed and as they're made in the world's shoe capital of Northampton, they're of such high quality. 

Gary, UK

Concerning my general experience with the company, Percy Stride has quickly advanced to my number 1 shoe brand! The fact that it's a small company creates a very nice environment where, in contacting the brand, the response has been very quick, factual, and personally tailored. I will certainly be back for my second pair in the future! 

Hampus, Sweden

Make it Personal

Percy Stride prides itself on creating a personal communication with their clients. 

Our Men's leather shoes are unique, so our service is unique.