A Gentleman’s Guide for Men's "night out" looks

Whether you’re going “out-out” for a session with the lads or a civilised cocktail or two with a special acquaintance, we’ve assembled some top style tips to ensure you look your very best.

So we’ve given you style tips on what to wear to a wedding and an interview. But now it’s time to think about a night out on the town.

Before you can down a few cheeky Jägerbombs or slowly enjoy a freshly poured cold pint, it’s important to get your outfit selection right.

And when your mind is firmly set on a fun night with your friends or loved one, picking out clothes can often feel trivial.

That’s why we thought we’d put together a few considerations and top tips to prep you ahead of your next outing.

So lets get going on those Men's Night out looks shall we?

Best Men's night out looks

Location, location, location

Before you rummage through your wardrobe or head to the shops for a fresh tee, you should always think about the location of your night out and cater for that night out look accordingly.

For instance, wearing a t-shirt, ripped jeans and pumps just won’t cut it if you’re heading to Mayfair in London, while a blazer and smart shirt might look a little overkill if you’re just heading to your local beer garden.

A quick and dirty tip is to check out the website of a bar or club. If it’s littered with offers and themed nights, casual clothing is perfectly acceptable.

However, if the menu contains expensive cocktails or doesn’t have ‘ding-ding’ food on the menu (aka microwave food), a blazer/smart shirt and shoes are ideal.

These boots are made for walking

One of the main things to consider before a night out is your choice of footwear. Just think, you could potentially be on your feet all night. Whether that’s flagging a taxi, walking home, stumbling to the kebab shop, throwing a few shapes on the dance floor or frustratingly waiting to be served at the bar.

For starters, here’s a rundown on shoes and their practicalities:

  • Loafers – a summery choice and easy to slip on when drunk. Suited to fancy clubs and cocktail bars. Avoid wearing them to bars or clubs with sticky floors, or you could end up walking around shoeless.
  • Trainers – ideal for casual looks to the pub, late night clubs and chain bars. However, if you’re going for a white pair, remember drink spillage could be catastrophic.
  • Chelsea boots – suited to every venue, minus the pub. The best part about Chelsea boots is that you can simply wipe away any muck picked up after a night out.
  • Oxford shoes – the number one choice for any gentleman. These should only be worn for cocktail/restaurant nights and high-end clubs. They’re probably not the best if you plan on walking miles.
  • Chukka boots – the perfect cross between smart and casual, therefore making them useful for any occasion. But if they are made out of suede, be very aware of stray drink spillages and heavy rain.

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Men's night out looks

Think ahead

We all have spontaneous nights where one casual drink down the local ends up with you trying to flag down a taxi outside a club at 6am.

But if you can, and that’s a big but, try to think about what kind of night you are planning on having.

Every city or town will have different types of places to have a night out in. From sophisticated cocktail joints to dingy clubs to rave in.

Here’s a quick guide on what to wear in every scenario:

  • Fancy club (think Mahiki in Mayfair) – chukka boots or Oxford shoes, blazer and/or tailored shirt, smart jeans and silver watch.
  • Standard club (think Popworld or standard chain club) – Chelsea boots or block colour trainers, ripped jeans and checked/flowery shirt.
  • Rave (think Rainbow in Birmingham or late night club where you stick to the floor and have a banging headache the following day) – loose fitting t-shirt, comfortable shoes (probably trainers) and stretch slim jeans (so it’s easy to jump around).
  • Pub (think Weatherspoons or generic ‘Dog & Duck’ style pub) – a bomber jacket, pumps, jeans and simple t-shirt will suffice.
  • Dinner out (think Turtle Bay/restaurant turned cocktail bar) – chinos, shirt and boots will keep you looking smart for food, but give you the option to go rouge afterwards if you want.

Whatever you do, for a perfect Men's night out look - just remember to think location, shoes and type of night. Once you establish this, you’ll be able to put an outfit together in the matter of minutes – which means more drinking or socialising time (woo!).

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