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How to Get the Goodwood Revival Fashion Look

Goodwood Revival fashion isn’t a 3-day affair. Discover some signature styles from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

Us Brits have a rich and wonderful history of fashion. So much so that it’s not only worth celebrating in jest but reliving in total entirety.

From “Daredevil Racers” to “Edwardian Teddy Boys”, here’s a complete guide on Goodwood Revival fashion for gents.

Goodwood Revival fashion

The glamour of motor car racing is not only reserved for Formula 1. Every September, the Goodwood Revival returns and allows us all to revel in the romance of former times and fast cars from yesteryear.

The Goodwood circuit officially ran from 1948 to 1966, so you should aim for something symbolic yet authentic between these iconic periods. However, anything vintage would be well received. All ladies and gents are encouraged to dress to impress, no matter the era or decade.

As the event takes place outside, we suggest you sport flat, comfortable shoes and perhaps a jacket, just in case our ever-dependable-unpredictable British weather decides to play not so nice on the day.

Now, let’s celebrate the past with the unrivalled style and passion for your favourite fashion era.

Whether it's the forties, fifties, or sixties, we have the style guide for your Goodwood Revival in men’s fashion.

1920-30s revival fashion

Go “roaring” into your revival with some signature 20s style. We’re talking Great Gatsby elegance and Charlestown exuberance while sporting a three-piece suit.

I say, the very dawning of the dapper chap indeed is all set to return with your revival of style.

Peaky Blinders style

It must be said, the hit BBC TV series, ‘Peaky Blinders’ has done wonders for this decade’s reimagination. But while leaving the misbehaviour behind, we can still adopt the same charm and confidence in our revival fashion that’s made the show such a triumphant success.

Wider set trousers and double-breasted flannel suit jackets on top provide the ticket. All before a shirt, tie, and waistcoat beneath while always leaving room for a flat cap.

Additional details such as braces or a pocket watch will leave the impression that you’re a revival man who “ruddy” well knows what decade you belong to! For more tips, check out our Peaky Blinders fashion guide.

Boater style

If the sunshine serves you right, and Peaky Blinders is not your thing, why not gamble on a “good time Charlie” cheeky boater outfit.

Nothing quite says “cheeky Chappy” than a bold blue or red pinstriped cargo blazer, boater hat, and cravat tie, worn above cream, white or black trousers.

Some shoes to match? Although the buoyancy of the boater style may tempt you to flatter further with colour, we recommend the best look to be a classic and timeless black leather pair of Oxfords.

While still bright, just with less vigour than your fabric, ‘The Professor Oxford’ are a timeless choice for any gentlemen on any occasion. With Goodyear welted construction, this contemporary classic will maintain your twenties swagger for years to come.

1940-50s revival fashion

“Paving the way for the Modern-Day Gentlemen”, the 1940s was a definitive decade for men’s fashion, before hosting the very first Goodwood Festival in 1948.

While the war efforts during the first five years required men to “make do and mend”, all flashy attire was subsequently deemed wasteful and unpatriotic. But as soon as the war ended in 1945, a cloud of formality had lifted, enabling men’s fashion to begin to express itself again.

Therefore, the depression of the war made way for a renaissance of life. With this resurgence came the freedom of swing music and a fashion style to match.

Colourful shirts began to surface as the formality of ‘only white’ faded. Men learned to express themselves again with jazzy prints and casual fashion choices becoming more favoured and accepted.

Zoot-suiter style

A classic men’s fashion movement of the 40s was the zoot-suiter style. Pioneered by minority working-class men in America, the zoot-suit style was distinctive for the super-sized shoulder pads and draping lapels above peg-legged trousers.

Achieving this look takes supporting high-waist trousers with braces before slapping on a bright-wide tie. To crown it all off, sport a large trilby or ‘Tando’ to stay elegant while keeping those sun rays off your neck and out of your eyes.

A complementary addition on foot to the zoot-suit style is a pair of ‘Albus Monk’ shoes, quite unlike any other. Conquer the promenade and the ballroom with a unique, secure, and stable black double buckle for your feet.

Teddy Boy style

Triggered by early rock and roll music from the US, ‘Teddy Boys’ swept across the UK with a signature style and attitude. Adapted from Edwardian romanticism, Teddy Boys typically wore velvet blazers, skinny ties, and drain-pipe jeans.

A distinct style became associated with a rebellious statement, as Teddy boys or ‘Teds’ became the first-ever UK teen subculture during the fifties.

Wearing high waisted trousers to expose bright white socks is a signature style of the Teddy Boy, perfectly complemented by a pair of chunky leather brogues or polished Oxfords.

Despite marking a display of rebellious adolescence, the Teddy Boy fashion influenced the Beatles and the next British musical generation, Arctic Monkeys’ frontman, Alex Turner.

1960s revival fashion

The sixties were known as the era of 'anti-establishment', and with it, fashion turn more experimental, expressive, and alternative.

Influenced by the beat poets and jazz musicians from the US, overlaps in style now appeared, including:

  • Tweed jackets

  • Duffel coats

  • Sunglasses

  • Berets

  • Beards

Beatnik style

A beatnik style was inspired by Parisian café culture, requiring sleek, effortless, and creative clothing choices.

For example, the ‘turtleneck’ or ‘roll neck’ is a classic garment for beatnik fashion. If too warm, then a striped shirt with skinny trousers and oversized sunglasses will keep you on the cool side of the tracks.

For a flamboyant pair of footwear to suit your beatnik style? Look no further than these ‘Jock Derby’ two-toned navy-blue leather shoes. With a tartan pattern for that arty appearance, these shoes are versatile, comfortable, and bound to strike up a conversation.

Racing car driver style

Over the years, there have been numerous stylish racing car drivers to emulate with your fashion revival, and no more ideal than to display at the Goodwood Revival itself.

So, why not honour the memory of Mike Hawthorne, “the unforgettable man in the bow tie”, with a jumpsuit and bow tie to match?

As opposed to the beatnik movement, the racing car driver style allows you to appear more polished for race day, where a glass of champagne should be fizzing for you not too far away.

Sport the typically tailored sixties suit with a thin tie, crisp shirt, and glinting pair of sunglasses. With this in hand, no doubt you’ll be all set to take to the causeway with style, confidence, and charisma to match.

Don’t forget your fashion revival footwear

At Percy Stride, our selection of footwear is designed to bring timeless style to former decades of the past, suiting your fashion revival, whatever the era.

Take a gander at the quality and variety of dress shoes we offer. Remember, all our footwear is handmade through the very best methods of Goodyear welted construction while remaining a sustainable and stylish shoe option, lasting you a lifetime, no matter the decade.

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