An Oxford Shoe Guide - Which Strides are right for you?

Need some help choosing the right style of Percy Stride shoes? Here’s a complete Oxford shoe guide to make your decision a walk in the park.

When it comes to investing in a pair of quality handcrafted shoes, we understand that not everyone can afford to splash out on a new style or colour very often.

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, our men’s Oxford shoes are built to last a lifetime and help reduce the UK’s ‘throwaway’ attitude to footwear.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an essential Oxford shoe guide to help you make an informed decision based on your own personal wardrobe and taste.

Limited Edition Nightfall High-Shine Black Monks

Oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride monk shoes

The Black Monks is our latest addition to our online shop, adding a completely different type of shoe to our offering.

Monks are establishing themselves as an absolute essential, so if you want to get ahead of the curve, you should pop these beauties straight in your basket!

The strap alternative makes them easy to put on, so they are worth considering if you think tying laces is a hassle.

The black colour is neutral enough to go with black, grey and blue colour jeans and trousers – making these very versatile.

Ideal for: someone who wants a shoe which is in fashion, classic in colour and easy to put on.

Black Box and Patent Oxford

Oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride Patent oxfords

Our shiniest pair of Percy Stride shoes is undoubtedly the Nightfall Black Box and Patent Oxford.

We highly recommend these if you are a regular at more formal events like office functions, weddings, posh networking events and so on.

While you can pair these with jeans, these are probably more suited to a smarter suit combination.

Ideal for: someone who wears a suit quite frequently and likes their shoes looking extra shiny.

Black and White Oxford

oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride Black and White Oxfords

Our Black and White Oxford are for the daring individuals looking to draw attention to their feet.

With the comfortable feel and unique design, if you’re partial to a spot of dancing, then search no more.

Similar to the Black Box and Patent Oxford, you’d be better off wearing these for formal occasions. Although, if you’re particularly creative with your fashion choices, they do go incredibly well with a pair of black jeans.

Ideal for: someone who likes to scrub up well and add real personality to their outfit.

Blue Burnish Calf Oxford

oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride Blue Oxfords

If you don’t fancy a classic black or brown Oxford, our Blue Burnish Calf Oxford is a perfect balance between quirky and traditional.

These are best placed for adding a bit of life to any colourless outfit choice – i.e. a lot of grey.

Ideal for: someone who owns a lot of grey and blue attire.

Chestnut Brown Oxford

Oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride Chestnut Brown two-tone Oxfords

A slightly edgier alternative to its Mocha sibling, our Chestnut Brown Oxford look great with a pair of dark blue denim jeans and a complimentary tweed blazer. Or in the summer, tan and light chinos with a blue shirt will match perfectly.

For more formal occasions, they can add a real level of class to a navy blue suit too.

Ideal for: someone who wants a slightly different take on a classic colour for any occasion.

Black Oxford

Oxford shoes guide - Percy Stride Black Oxfords

Our most classic design – simple, but nonetheless, fantastic.

From light grey and black trousers to blue jeans, you can’t really go wrong with our Black Oxfords. Admittedly, this is probably our safest choice, but there’s certainly no shame in it.

Ideal for someone who will be using their Oxford shoes for a lot of occasions and with different styles.

Nightfall Mocha Oxford

Oxford Shoes Guide - Percy Stride Mocha Oxfords

A slightly more flamboyant shade of brown, helping to add formality to a classic light blue jean and white t-shirt combination, as well as complimenting a blue or purple suit selection.

If you love a pair of blue denim jeans and tan chinos, you should definitely invest here.

Ideal for: someone who likes classic colour schemes for any style and occasion.

Need some more inspiration? Then you might find your decision a bit easier after reading our previous post: ‘What Trousers to Wear with Men’s Oxford Shoes’.