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14 Imaginative Christmas Gifts for Him

It's an ongoing myth that men are difficult to buy for, but that doesn't have to be the case!

We've put together some creative and unique gift ideas for Christmas 2021, we hope you can find some inspiration from our research...

Stocking Fillers £9.99 - £35

Well, this is something to literally get your teeth into! My rule with any gift is to make sure it can be used and is functional for the receiver and as long as the man in your life loves a scratching you can't go much wrong!

The Hand Me Down Book Club is primarily a subscription service however they also have a gifting service that provides your loved one with a second-hand book that you can choose or can be chosen for you from a range of specific genres. Nothing boosts your mood and keeps you quiet and contemplating like a good book, so what could be a better gift! oh. And they are obviously environmentally friendly!

This is a bit of a fun one! Hide a secret message for your recipient that they have to break codes and solve puzzles to find. This clever package will certainly keep your loved one occupied and intrigued on Christmas Day!

Talk about functional! This little stocking filler of 3 handmade colourful laces will serve the mani n your life for years on end! Laces might not seem like a lot but they are incredibly handy and very stylish. The collection of colours adds variation to any outfit and pairs beautifully with items such as belts, ties, and braces!

Every man needs a little TLC now and again and with this gift set, you can choose exactly what goes into it. You can choose between 2-4 items to include in the pack ranging from soaps to bath oils and they arrive beautifully presented for Christmas Day.

There's nothing like receiving something personal on Christmas Day, but this is a perfect mix of techy and personal. There is a section for everything you need nearby as well as a lovely rustic look.

Something More Substantial £25-£150

Exclusive to Best of British Beer, the crate is handmade in the UK from sustainable pine and printed with a retro Christmas sweater design. The crate contains 9 x 500ml different bottles of British Beer, selected from their seasonal range, and would make a wonderful surprise to last well up to New Year!

This Kit includes everything you need to create the ultimate bacon sandwich! It contains our Homemade Curing Kit…Bacon and some amazing sauces to perfectly compliment.

Now don't tell me this won't be getting used immediately!

Get a bit of everything that's Best of British in this combo! Including a leather wallet, bespoke belt, colourful laces and shoe polish, there is everything any man would need all wrapped up in one Christmas package! You can even match up the belt with the laces!

Designed to dispense a spirit of your choice and is a great mini bar for anyone who loves to display lovey bottles and to create a party atmosphere or to make an occasion feel special. You can grab one of these and apply some personalisation if purchased through Not on the Highstreet.

Go Big or Go Home! £150+

Inspired by Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen this groovy lego typewriter has powerful nostalgic vibes and would keep you occupied for hours on end....with a wonderful final result if I say so myself! Only 2049 pieces what could go wrong!

All-in-one kit to build your own mechanical watch. Parts, tools, and user-friendly guide included. Only 2-3 hours work you any man would feel proud to wear a watch they made themselves, not many can say that!

The ultimate electric bike! Ok, so you will need to wait for delivery from the US (which is free by the way!) but it's certainly worth the wait! With a removable battery and wireless charging, this will be the smoothest commute you've ever had! Connects to your phone easily and will monitor your speed and track your navigation, just simply beautiful.

You can't go wrong with a solid, quality pair of shoes! Handmade in Northampton in varying designs, sizes and colours any man would love. Sizing is simple and generous as well as every pair being re-soleable, but you need that with a 25-year lifespan!

Perfect for Pizza Lovers and designed to flat pack down into two parts, which are simple to transport with their carry handles. This gem can cook a 12" pizza and can be personalised with your loved one's initials. Personally, I can't see a season when this wouldn't be used!

We hope you've enjoyed our list and taken some inspiration for this Christmas season! Remember we have plenty of other informative blogs to read as well as some more Christmas Inspired ones on our dedicated Christmas Shopping page.

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