5 Winter Fashion Trends for Men

Updated: Jul 14

From Oxford shoes to leather coats, here’s a complete guide on what clothes, shoes and accessories will make you look red hot this winter.

Whether you have a festive party to attend to or just want to look super swish while cuddling up next to a cosy fire indoors, kitting yourself out with the right gear this winter is a necessity for all fashionable gentlemen.

To help make this winter men’s fashion trends guide even handier, we’ve even included some top ways you can make our range of Percy Stride shoes work with the latest looks.

Winter Men's fashion trends 1: Leather everything

In many fashion shows this year, we saw a lot of Matrix vibes with leather splashed about everywhere. While long and oversized seems to be the most notable addition, we personally dig the biker-esc leather jackets.

Granted, they won’t be the warmest winter garment available, but they sure do look good if you can pull it off.

To make this one work with a pair of Percy Stride shoes, we suggest picking our Black Oxfords. Simply combine this with a pair of smart skinny black jeans, a light rugged tee, a long woollen grey scarf and a heavily zipped black leather coat.

This look is awesome if you are sporting a ‘just got out of bed’ hairdo.

Winter Men's fashion trends 2: Shearling coats

These have been doing the rounds for the past year or so, but they’ve continued to grow in popularity.

Buy a quality shearling coat and you’ll feel cosy as well as fashionable.

For an alternative style pairing, our limited edition Percy Stride Monks would look brilliant with a light brown/tan shearling coat.

Throw in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tee, a checked blue and white shirt (opened) and hey presto, you’ll look a million dollars.

Winter Men's fashion trends 3: Brown is the talk of the town

Winter 2019 is all about the colour brown – which is very fortunate for UPS delivery men!

Brown is ideal for layering, so if you haven’t got a coat in the same shade, added a warm cosy jumper in that colour with a dark green or maroon shade will ensure you’re following the memo.

You can stick to dark navy blues and blacks, but with a dash of contrast on your feet, you can really make a statement without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

For a more dramatic Brown footwear option, try having a look at our Percy Stride Two-tone Brown Chestnut Oxfords. These beauties are the ultimate Men's Winter trendsetters!

Winter Men's fashion trends 4: Check designs

You can’t really go that wrong with a check shirt. While there are some fashionistas that love the idea of check shoes, we much prefer the simplicity of a quality cotton shirt or pair of trousers in this style.

For the latter, always wear a solid and subtle colour shirt so you don’t end up looking like a tea towel!

Check trousers can look very smart, but they will make your legs the centre of attention. With this in mind, opt for a nicely ironed plain white shirt (tucked in), maroon, blue and black checked trousers and a pair of our Black Calf Leather Oxford shoes.

Final Winter Men's fashion trend: Statement knitwear

For years, a cosy knitted jumper has been something more practical than super fashionable.

In winter 2018, it’s now recommended that you choose a jazzy statement piece. Think floral and exotic patterned summer shirts, but get it printed on a jumper.

The key here is to not go too crazy on the shoe choice, that’s why we’d recommend our Alfred Blue Burnish Calf shoes to go with black jeans and a complementary colour of knitwear.

New to Percy Stride? Then you might need to hear a few reasons why you should choose our footwear here.

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