6 Amazing Book and Movie Themed Shoes

Updated: Jul 4

If you love movies and books, you’re going to love these. Add a touch of personality to your look by adding these cool book and movie-themed shoes to your collection. In recent years, the makers of television and film franchises are realising the power of co-branded collectible merchandise.

Whether it’s a pair of Nike sneakers or smart dress shoes, book and movie-themed shoes are all the hype. They can even add a welcome bit of magic to your look as well. Here are some of the best. Toy Story themed Vans

The California skate brand has really embraced the love of movie-themed shoes by creating SpongeBob Square Pants, Marvel and other Disney related designs. However, we particularly love the Toy Story x Vans. Since these little beauties were released in 2016, sales have soared to infinity and beyond. Wear these with some plain-coloured clothes to make them stand out. Nike Back to the Future self-lacing trainers

These self-lacing sneakers from Nike pay homage to the 1985 film Back to the Future. Since the infamous scene with Marty McFly, people have been obsessed with the idea of sneakers that could self-lace. Naturally, Nike seized the opportunity by releasing its first style in 2011 and second-generation earlier this year. X-Men themed Nikes

Vans aren’t the only sneaker maker to enter the Marvel realm. These X-Men themed Nikes come in an array of colours based on the main characters in the comics and movies. To match these, we’d recommend finding a hoodie or t-shirt in the same colour as your chosen trainers. Kingsman shoes

As we’ve covered before, styling yourself like a Kingsman is a way forward. My Porter and director of the films, Mr Matthew Vaughn created an impeccable collection inspired by the costumes. From suede penny loafers to classic cap-toe leather Oxford shoes, every style has been covered.

Harry Potter-themed Vans

The next design to make our book and movie-themed shoes is another one from Vans. These magical numbers are enough to put a spell on anyone. The range of colours makes them very versatile for a variety of casual looks as well.

The Untouchables Al Capone Spats

Although a collection hasn’t been specifically made following the success of The Untouchables, there’s something distinctively gangster about a pair of spats as a style. Not to mention Robert De Niro’s stellar performance of Mr Al Capone himself. If it’s 1920s gangster you want, buy a pair of spats.

Why are book and movie-themed shoes so popular? What makes these movies and book-themed shoes so special is that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Once a film or a book catches on, fans are always going to appreciate the memorabilia that comes with it. That’s what makes our Percy Stride Timeless collection so special. Oxford shoes have been at the height of sophistication since the 1800s and are becoming increasingly popular by the day in 2019. Just like these cool movie and book-themed shoes, when you put on a pair of Timeless Percy Strides, you’ll always look and feel good. There’s no timer on quality – whether it’s an epic movie or a pair of classic shoes.

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