6 Best Men’s Fashion Publications and Online Magazines

Updated: Jul 14

When you’re not reading our weekly blog content, here’s what men’s fashion publications and magazines you should be investing in for top styling and fashion tips.

The number of online and printed magazines for fashionable gentlemen has grown over the past few years. Shop shelves are no longer dominated by just popular women’s mags and online style guides can be accessed with a few simple clicks.

The success of GQ and Esquire in the 1930s provided a platform for other men’s fashion publications. Since then, fashionistas and stylists have been creating valuable content for gentlemen who want to live a more refined lifestyle.

So, if you want to look dapper and timeless, we suggest you take a gander at these best men’s fashion magazines and publications.

Gentleman’s Gazette

The Gentleman’s Gazette is arguably the daddy of men’s fashion content online. Their core mission is to help men to be gentlemen and look the part while doing it.

You’ll find an extensive catalogue of articles aimed at promoting classic men’s style, backed by history and not trends or fast fashion.

Like our range of shoes, the Gentleman’s Gazette believes in providing quality and not quantity. Every article is beautifully pieced together, respecting the written word and avoiding clickbait material. You can download some useful e-guides for extra reading too, including ’50 Style Mistakes & How to Avoid Them’.

The Rake

The Rake is the world’s leading publication on classic men’s style and good living. This magazine flies the flag for male style icons like Steve McQueen, bringing you some of the best fashion, travel and culture articles going.

What we like the most about The Rake is that it doesn’t discard the modern audience. Instead, the writers have adopted a modern voice of classic elegance.

The website is worth looking at too, as it operates as an online shop. So, once you’ve discovered a style or look you like, you can purchase the clothes or shoes in one place.

The Chap

Founded in 1999, The Chap is a men’s fashion magazine designed to expand the minds and refine the wardrobes of gentlemen.

Every issue is packed with gorgeous imagery which can be cut and made into style mood boards. One of the biggest selling points of The Chap is that its sole purpose is men’s fashion. It doesn’t dip into lifestyle, culture and entertainment as much as the other men’s fashion publications.

When you pick up a printed copy or download a digital version, you’re going to get a real insight into classic fashion brought to life by modern-day celebrities.

Ape to Gentleman

All blog content is designed to help you evolve from ape to a well-groomed, modern-day gentleman.

Launched in 2009 by Chris Beastall, Ape to Gentleman teaches you to take pride in your appearance, with handy grooming, fashion and lifestyle tips.

We highly recommend this if you’re not a big reader, as you can easily digest a post or two when you have a spare couple of minutes.

Modern Gentleman Magazine

Style, manners and taste never go out of fashion. This next men’s fashion magazine is another online example, dating back to 2013.

The magazine website contains clear headers to differentiate the type of content on offer, including style, fine things, food & drink, travel and etiquette.

You’ll find this online men’s fashion magazine easy to navigate and incredibly digestible, with a lot of the content remaining under 1,000 words.

MITT (Men in This Town)

Love the Aussie laid back approach to life? Then you’re going to adore MITT. This Sydney-based men’s street style blog is a quarterly digest capturing the everyday man in his natural habitat.

It features men with a brilliant taste in style and reveals the personalities behind certain clothes and shoes. This men’s fashion magazine is a real treat and isn’t subjected to pages of adverts.

You can even view old digital copies for free online. Crikey!

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