6 Elegant Men's Hairstyles

Updated: Jul 14

Despite there being hundreds of men’s hairstyles to choose from, there are certain cuts that’ll always be associated with a refined gentleman. To give you some inspiration, here’s a list of the best classic, yet current men’s hairstyles making waves.

When you search for what men’s hairstyles are in right now, you’ll find an array of options to choose from. However, there’s nothing quite like a classic gentleman cut.

Like a handcrafted pair of Oxford shoes or a bottle of fine wine, an increasing age only solidifies its quality and class. Years pass by, many fads come and go, but a gentleman’s hairstyle still carries the same striking presence as it did many moons ago.

Whether you’re looking for a business professional look for an office environment or just want a sophisticated look for casual living, here are some of the top men’s hairstyles every gentleman should be asking their barber.

Side part (with a classic taper)

One of the most effective and easy to pull off gentlemen hairstyles is the side part. It’s not only a staple on the red carpet for Hollywood royalty like George Clooney, but it also looks great in an everyday office situation too.

To get this men’s haircut, you’ll want 2 to 4 inches on the top of the head, so you have enough hair to comb over to form the parting. These sides should then be clipped on a number 3-5 setting. Just make sure you ask your barber for a taper/fade on the sides and back.

The secret formula for a side part men’s hairstyle is a quality water-based pomade on damp hair. Just comb your hair back to a point on the back of your head and comb the sides downward.

The “Gentleman’s Cut”

Yep, there’s actually a men’s hairstyle called the “Gentleman’s Cut”. Designed for refined men, it’s relatively fuss-free and looks great if you have thick hair.

Start with a number 3 or 4 on the sides and back, then ask your barber to blend the hair together, focusing on the temples. The hair on top should be around 2 to 4 inches thick.

To get the look daily, work some strong product into damp hair by combing it in backwards and away from your side part.

Ivy League

Otherwise known as the Harvard cut, this gentlemen hairstyle is a smart and manageable option often modelled by Ryan Gosling. Ask your barber for about an inch on top and a bit more in the front. The sides should then be clipped to a number 2, 3 or 4 – depending on your preference.

It’s also important to ask for a gradual taper on the sides, back and top to make it look natural. If you want to tap into the traditional Ivy League appearance, go for a blocked neckline.

Style-wise, you can either side part or brush your hair back using a bit of wax or gel. It’s a relatively easy-going and adaptable style for the busy gentleman.

Strands with a layered quiff

It’s big, bold and uber-stylish. This next men’s hairstyle uses layering to give depth to any haircut. In this case, a wavy quiff is a perfect choice, with the layering adding more texture and giving a messy/just got out of bed look.

This beautiful style isn’t a one-cut deal. You’ll need to keep going back to your barber to get the hair on top layered as it grows, and the sides reasonably trimmed at around a number 2-4.

Slicked back (with a long beard)

The slicked-back look has never gone out of style and is easy to recreate when you put the time in. For the best results, you’ll need around 3 to 5 inches on top, however, the process can start when it hits around 2.

You have complete freedom with the sides. Either go Peaky Blinder and ask for a number 1 or keep it reasonably long at around number 2 to 6. A fade is a top option too.

To master the styling, we recommend applying a strong pomade to damp hair and growing out your beard (if possible).

Neat Afro

Afros can fall under the gentleman category too, providing you keep it nicely groomed and neat. This involves evenly trimmed edges and defined shape, like Mr Donald Glover himself.

You’ll just need a slick suit to complete the look.

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