6 Men's Outfits for a Summer Night Out

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Wondering what to wear on a night out this summer gentlemen? Then you’re in the right place. Get inspiration from these six men’s night-out outfits. While a night out in summer 2020 might not feel like a conventional pre-lockdown one involving nightclubs and kebabs, it doesn’t mean your style has to slip. A summer of socially distancing boozing in beer gardens and low-key bar areas paves the way for smart casual attire. Where linen shirts and Monaco polo shirts come into their own and skinny trousers take a backseat. In this blog, we share some of the best men's summer outfits for going out to help inspire your next (or first) trip to a post-lockdown pub. Men’s summer outfits for every type of night out Summer date night outfits for men Not every night out has to be with the boys. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship with someone or embarking on a new post-lockdown relationship, style is still an essential part of being a gentleman. The light blazer

Bar from heatwave weather, the British summertime climate is usually quite bearable – especially if you’re heading out later in the evening. This opens the door for smart but light blazers. The key here is to avoid a tailored fit and to instead seek a relaxed fit to allow your body to breathe. The plain blazer here allows the beautiful blue and white striped shirt to shine through. While a pair of Ebony Oxford Percy Strides or brown Derby shoes offset the casual nature of the rolled-up jeans or trousers.

Nautical smart casual

For times when a blazer isn’t the right style for a night out, a smart-casual nautical look can help you strike a balance between blending into your environment and turning heads. A blue and white striped cotton tee combined with beige chinos, light brown thin belt and cream knitted fisherman’s jumper for the evening time is perfect. If your lad’s night out is super casual, you can always take it down a notch by opting for beige chino shorts and light brown loafers or blue boat shoes. Men’s summer outfits for pub nights Finding the right outfit for a night out down the pub with mates is arguably harder than date or wedding attire. Why? For the simple reason that most mates will take the piss if you overdress or underdress. It’s a balancing act that isn’t easy to find. Easy and fresh

Linen shirts are a staple post-lockdown essential in any wardrobe due to their breathability during the height of the summer and their overall style. This look taken from Beaufort and Blake is casual enough for a night out with your mates down the pub, but classy enough to sustain your commitment to style. Just don’t spill a pint over yourself or you may struggle to remove the stain! Polo look

If you want to feel like you’re dressing up for a night out but want to ensure you still look casual enough to capture the mood of the evening, a classic muscle fit polo shirt is ideal. Combine this with some smart light grey trousers and a contrasting grey pair of suede loafers, and you’ll look the part. Men’s night out outfits for cooler summer evenings Let’s face it, we can’t trust the British weather. One minute you’re sinking a pint in a beer garden with the sun beating down on you, and the next, you’re shaking like a leaf. These next men’s night-out outfits are suited for the cooler evenings. The worker jacket

Originating in 19th century France, the iconic worker jacket is a lightweight coat made for colder evenings. While it might not be suitable for rainy days, it will keep you looking great and feeling warm. A minimal brown shade with a pair of dark blue or black jeans, a light grey top, and brown chukka boots/white trainers makes it a powerful casual night outlook. The Harrington

Despite being popularised by the 1960’s Mod revolution, the Harrington jacket is still a staple in men’s fashion today. This particular look includes a dark blue Harrington jacket, striking floral shirt, dark grey jeans, and light black chukka boots. It’s the embodiment of smart casual night-out attire and offers enough layers to keep you warm in the evening. Want more inspiration? Then check out the rest of our blog.

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