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7 Unmissable Men’s Fashion Trends for 2022

What is in fashion for men? Discover the hottest fashion trends for 2022 every distinguished gent cannot afford to ignore.

Gather round, gather round. Percy Stride is here to set you straight for the year ahead.

Remember, what’s classic in men’s fashion always stays relevant. It’s just a case of fine-tuning your outfits to put a modern twist on all your favourite vintage looks. And the best place to start is this in-depth blog showcasing the biggest men’s fashion trends for 2022.

Peaky Blinders heads into the 1930s

Peaky Blinders returns for one final season in 2022, giving us another excuse to revisit the Shelby’s classic wardrobe. Let me tell you, high fade haircuts, three-piece suits and baker boy caps will remain on the agenda as Thomas Shelby and company take to the stage once more.

This is a fashion trend for men standing the test of time and set to continue as a hot fashion trend in 2022. In particular, the revival of long coats, penny collar shirts and vintage tweed suits.

But as the show ascends into the 1930s, take note to see if the general fashion shifts slightly. We might just see the overall tone of suits become more subtle in lighter and darker shades of primary colours.

The 1930s also saw the dawn of the “Superman” silhouette, which involved a broader looking form with shoulder pads in suits.

Long coats and cosy jumpers

Elegant, thick long winter coats will take centre through the winter and autumn months. Don’t be surprised to see this complemented with fitted trousers, smart shirts and turtlenecks.

The smart-casual gent will tribute his long coat with bigger, softer jumpers. Some may even have a hood popping out over the collars.

Patterned trousers

Men’s patterned trousers have really made a contemporary comeback in recent times, and this will not change in 2022. The tightly fitted check trouser is a hot fashion trend right now.

Expect to see various patterned trousers growing more and more expressive as this style enters its peak. What was once a snazzy feature reserved for smart outings is becoming a casual day to day fashion trend for men in 2022.

Smart casual

In 2022, casual men’s fashion will become more about comfort. Expect to see loosely fitted attire in the form of trousers, shirts, and jumpers as a fashion trend for men in 2022.

The colours remaining casually fashionable include brown, grey, beige, olive and burgundy.

For most men, casual and comfortable attire will be what’s worn most regularly throughout the cold season through into the spring and summer.

Naturally, we can predict brighter, bolder, and vibrant colours for the spring and summer.

Sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly materials

The climate issue is set to remain a hot topic, and for a good reason too. “Fast Fashion” is proving a major contributor to climate change, and men’s fashion trends should take responsibility to combat this issue affecting our world.

The incentive to buy better quality products will become prevalent in 2022. Not only do they last longer, but their quality is what defines a gentleman.

Other items made from sustainable materials will also become a popular men’s fashion trend in 2022. As a result of this ethos, we’ll see natural, earthy colours and loose fitted styles become more popular in the year ahead.

Remember, just because fashion is making this crucial shift, it doesn’t mean men must sacrifice style for sustainability. There will be many sustainable clothing options to choose from. A man should make it his duty to inspect the sustainability in the manufacturing and eco-friendly material of his clothing before purchasing.

Statement coats and jackets

Picking out a new wardrobe for the year is about finding statement pieces that can carry you through. This approach requires investing in quality neutral garments that will continue to stay classy, comfortable while maintaining their quality.

A solid statement piece relies on the investment of quality products. It may cost more upfront, but its durability will ensure you save money in the long run.

A perfect example of a statement piece is a versatile jacket or coat. Something dynamic to all environments, keeping you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and fitting varying social situations.

We highly recommend:

  • Trench coats

  • Pea coats

  • Overcoats

  • Tweed jackets

Signature shoes

Now, onto the most prized procession of all, shoes. The classic saying, “you can tell a lot from a man by the state of his shoes” doesn’t stop ringing true. So, make sure you put your best foot forward in 2022 and purchase a pair of high-quality footwear to see the year through.

As already mentioned, men’s fashion trends for 2022 should be all about sustainability and quality.

Tread a little smarter with your choice of footwear by thinking about what will last as well as look good.

It’s no good going through a pair of shoes every 6 months just to fling them onto the stinking landfill heap. Why spend more every year on more shoes when you can spend less on a single pair?

Percy Stride shoes celebrate the good old traditions of British shoemaking through quality construction and a timeless style built for the ages.

Our Oxford shoes are manufactured using Goodyear welting construction. Not only do the finest cobblers in the land construct our shoes with materials built to last, but all our shoes can be fully re-soled and re-heeled when required, making them repairable, recyclable, and sustainable.

In 2022, you’ll see more gents opting for classic and quality footwear but with a modern twist. A prime example? Our Jeeves Oxford shoes and Chestnut Two-Tone Oxfords.

Classic men’s style transcends time

The beauty of men’s fashion trends is that what’s classic will stay timeless. No matter the decade, trends transcend and blend to make versions of themselves again.

The important thing to remember for 2022 is there is no substitute for sustainability and quality. Dress smart for 2022. Stand from head to foot in quality and feel the confidence, charisma, and elegance shine through.

For more quality tips on men’s fashion, sustainability and footwear, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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