Economy to First-Class: Percy Stride Men's British Leather Footwear

Updated: Jul 14

Make sure that you mean business when travelling to see new prospects or attending big work meetings by reading our men’s business style guide.

Whether you’re catching a flight across Europe to meet a new potential client or simply attending an internal boardroom meeting, making an impression stylistically is absolutely integral.

Think of it this way; if one of your associates turned up to an important meeting dressed in a band t-shirt, baggy jeans and a pair of tired old sneakers, would you take his or her opinion seriously?

Probably not.

The truth is, impressions matter. Whether you work with all of the attendees on a daily basis or you’re meeting someone for the first time, a sharp business style selection will tell them that you’re taking proceedings seriously.

Who knows, it could be the difference between getting a raise, gaining the recognition you deserve or even landing an exciting business deal with a new client.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Menswear essentials: Travelling in style

If you’re meeting a senior professional like a CEO or director, be prepared to suit up. A gentleman who dresses sharply will instantly give you the edge over your competitors as you’ll be subconsciously telling other people that you respect both yourself and everyone in attendance. Take business style as seriously as you take your business prospects.

The type of suit you choose ultimately depends on where you are attending this meeting. For instance, if you are riding/flying business or first-class on a train or plane to get there, you need to combine practicalities (such as walking and warm stuffy rooms) with style.

With this in mind, a regular fitted suit might give you that added bit of breathing room in hotter environments and the flexibility to get from A to B with ease.

However, if you prefer the slick fitting of a skinny or tailored suit, be crafty with your shirt selection. Choosing navy, black or white colour shirts are the best colours for not showing sweat and are also very neutral, which will allow you to make slightly bolder choices when it comes to the other elements of your outfit.

Make a style statement

Wearing a suit is one thing, but picking a statement accessory is a completely different game altogether. By simply adding a tie, pocket square, cufflinks, spectacles or a fancy watch to your look can give you a first-class fashion appearance. And as you can probably imagine, premium guys can charge premium prices for their business services.

These statement accessories are also great conversation starters too, with clients always looking for different ways to engage in a spot of small talk before commencing with the important stuff.

Make sure that you’re well groomed

A business meeting isn’t a Sunday afternoon spent lounging in your pants watching Super Sunday on TV. Remember to clean shave or neatly trim your beard/stubble so that it clearly looks like you’ve made an effort.

If you do have a beard, slap on the beard oil to give yourself grizzly self a fresh scent. A subtle dash of your favourite cologne is also a nice touch, however, you’re not on the pull, so a couple of squirts will do just fine.

As a top tip, you should ditch thick gel, clay and wax for clever dust. Providing you purchase a good quality one from IQ or Schwarzkopf, this cool hair product will give you the hold you need without your beautiful locks going rock solid or making you look like a wet, slimy salesman!

Don’t forget the shoes

Just like a statement accessory, shoes can make all the difference in an important business meeting. Our classic black, chestnut or mocha men’s Oxford shoes are comfortable, stylish and built to last a lifetime – thanks to their Goodyear welt construction.

This means that you won’t have to keep replacing them every few months and your feet will remain in good condition after a long day of commuting from meeting to meeting.

Click here to see our full range today or for more ideas on how to make your outfit stand out try our blog: Why shoe laces make a big difference

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