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Why Are All Eyes on our British-made Men’s Smart Shoes?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

From handcrafted men’s Oxford shoes to the best monk strap shoes in the business, which style of men’s smart shoes from Percy Stride do you like the best?

If you’re a gentleman who likes to make a distinguished impression, then you’ll love our British-made men’s smart shoes. Handcrafted in the highly prestigious NPS Factory in Northampton using the finest materials and carefully packaged with love, each pair epitomises true quality. Find out why our range is the one to watch! We wanted to give you an overview about WHY our British range is the must-have brand for 2020!

THE INSPIRATION BEHIND OUR SMART SHOES FOR MEN The owner and creative genius behind Percy Stride, Danielle Wathes, designed the initial range based on a “Timeless” theme, releasing only three styles. As a concept, the word “timeless” perfectly describes the everlasting love of men’s Oxford shoes and their classic design. Danielle incorporated this idea into the early designs by including a signature Roman numeral time stamp on the back of every pair. As the business grew, we naturally evolved the range into new colours and designs, based on customer feedback and market research. “Everything I design and produce is dictated by my clients – and rightfully so! The only aspect of each design which has remained the same is the shape. I was reluctant to make any dramatic changes as I didn’t want to compromise the comfort and fitting of my first releases. The extra width in the shape has benefitted clientele hugely, especially those with foot problems, and I’m in no hurry to mess with this winning formula.” Danielle Wathes – Founder of Percy Stride BRITISH-MADE MEN’S SMART SHOES FROM PERCY STRIDE Colour is crucial! And we can rave about how healthy and well-fitting our range is... (and that they are 100% made in Northampton) but if the leather is all wrong for your job, occasion or day-to-day life it doesn't matter. Here's our breakdown! (We've hidden some gems in there!) Ebony Brown Men’s Oxford Shoes This classic pair of Oxfords are ideal for the understated gentleman and can go with a wide range of looks. Ebony brown effortlessly fuses classic and contemporary styling, while the chocolate tones give these shoes a rich finish. The strong storm welt you can see on some of our shoes, projects the quality of the shoes effortlessly, making them look deceptively heavy and solid! A Navy blue lace goes beautiful with this rich colour and would give you another look, which you can match with a tie or pocket square! Shop now Acorn Brown Calf Leather Men’s Oxford Shoes

If you’re looking to dial up your style, these men’s Oxford shoes in acorn brown are right on the money. Made with a classic handmade Goodyear welted construction and delicate streamline shape, you can wear these during any season. Giving a more casual illusion these shoes would be perfect for the lighter months and pair beautifully with a pair of jeans or light blue suit! Shop now Chestnut Brown Two-Tone Men’s Oxford Shoes

Lavish and premium, the Chestnut Brown Two-Tones combine a high shine vamp with a subtle calf leather quarter for a unique finish. Whether you’re wearing a dark pair of jeans, light brown chinos or a navy suit, you can’t go too far wrong with these little beauties. Our Chestnut Brown Two-Tone's are our bestseller! Combining the best of both worlds, the hi-shine leather vamp hides more creases and abrasions, helping you keep them in premium condition for longer! This leather can also be shined up beautifully to give the illusion of a patent should you wish to put in the time! Shop now Mocha Brown Men’s Oxford Shoes Who needs a daily caffeine fix when you have our Mocha Brown Oxfords? Oozing quality, this classic style is forever timeless. They’re also one of our most versatile styles, helping to complement formal wear as well as adding a smarter touch to casual dress. All our shoes feature a stacked leather heel and Goodyear Welt, meaning you can re-sole them easily when they are worn down (we predict 3-5years is the earliest!). Shop now Blue Calf Leather Men’s Oxford Shoes A part of our Nightfall range, these men’s Oxford shoes come in a stunning midnight blue colour. Whether you’re heading to the pub or attending a wedding, the blue tones adapt to any look. These are perfect for those who want to stray away from classic black and brown styles, but don’t fancy a more flamboyant option that draws too much attention to their feet. In a dark ballroom the tone of these Blue Oxfords could almost be Black, but the glaring sunlight they shine into a much brighter hue, making them incredibly versatile and an absolute statement piece everyone should have! Shop now Blue Calf Leather Two-Tone Men’s Oxford Shoes These recent addition from the Dawn range are a natural evolution from the Nightfall Blue Calf Leather Oxfords. With subtle blue and a hi-shine blue, the Blue Calf Leather Two-Tones are guaranteed to make an impression. Our Navy Blue Oxfords became so popular, we decided to turn it up a notch! these Two-Tone Blue's offer a more casual appearance, with the natural welt jumping out at you! Shop now Burgundy Red Two-Tone Men’s Oxford Shoes As requested by many of our customers, these burgundy and blood red handmade Oxfords challenge the status quo. Unique, elegant and eye-catching all wrapped up in one, there’s a reason why they keep selling out. Shop now Black Calf Leather Men’s Oxford Shoes One of the original designs, these shoes are distinctively British and ageless. With a soft calf leather upper and single tan leather sole, the Black Calf Leather Oxfords provide ultimate comfort for busy gentlemen required to do a lot of walking around the office. Lasting 25 years, our shoes are built to be on your feet all day, the extra width as standard makes them perfect for a working environment! Shop now Black Leather Double-Buckle Men’s Monk Shoes The anomaly of the Percy Stride men’s smart shoes is these delectable numbers. Monk shoes are easy to put on, are at the height of fashion right now and look bloody marvellous at a summer wedding – especially when the sun bounces off the hi-shine black upper. Shop now Black Patent Two-Tone Men’s Oxford Shoes Another member of the family, however, the Black Patent Oxfords are made for the grandest of occasions. The high shine distinguishes this style from any other black shoes, giving any gentleman the edge at a black-tie event. Built for work and play, get the perfect contrast, suitable for any Black Tie Event! Shop now Black and White Two-Tone Men’s Oxford Shoes Combining the vintage “spats” with the elite traditional Northampton construction, the Black and White Two-Tone Oxfords are a signature style taken from our original Timeless range. To put it simply, you won’t find another pair of shoes like this on the market. Shop now To stay in the loop with our latest offers and new styles, subscribe to our newsletter below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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