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Gentleman’s Socks: A Luxury Guide

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Do socks really matter? Learn why choosing a quality pair of socks should be an imperative part of the styling process for every gentleman.

Every smartly dressed gentleman always considers every last detail. While socks might not be the number one priority to most people, they have the power to subtly elevate your style.

Think of it this way, there’s no point in purchasing a plush new suit, a pair of Percy Stride Oxford shoes and a smart overcoat if you’re going to cut corners on the less visible garments.

Suit trousers and jeans often ride up when one decides to take a pew, leaving hosiery exposed. So, if you’ve opted for a plain black pair or some cheap jazzy ones, you could potentially compromise the whole excellency of your outfit.

While there are no strict rules on sock wear, all top modern gentlemen will consider colour co-ordinating certain clothing with their socks – it just makes sense. It’s also recognised as a wonderful chance to add a welcome dose of your personality if the rest of the outfit is made up of more reserved colours.

When it comes to feet, they deserve nothing but the finest quality yarns to keep them comfortable and warm come rain or shine.

To help inspire you, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of our favourite British sock brands and a guide on what garments to pair them with.

So which Gentleman's socks are for you?

Beaufort & Blake

If your personality is colourful, then the English brand, Beaufort & Blake is the way to go. Made from the finest cotton, these luxury gentleman's socks come in an array of vibrant colours which are undoubtedly going to get you noticed.

Scott Nichol

If you had to pick a pair of socks to wear on Christmas day while opening your presents, then you’d envisage Scott Nichol’s designs.

Crafted using only the finest quality yarns and with hand-linked toe for extra comfort, it’s enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about them.


This British brand of Gentleman's socks is super fun, with cool rabbit patterns and plenty of colours to choose from. Using superior cotton, each sock is made in Britain with hand-linked toes for incredible quality. You can see what they look like in the main blog image!

What clothing or footwear should you match your socks with?

Believe it or not, there’s the etiquette on what clothes or footwear to match your socks with too!

Here’s a very quick run-down, courtesy of Men’s Health magazine:

  • Matching your socks to your shoes: No – it makes your shoes appear taller than they actually are.

  • Matching your socks to your shoes: Absolutely – it helps bring the outfit together and define the top line of your shoes to give you a real sense of style.

  • Matching your socks to your shirt or sweater: No – it just looks strange.

  • Matching sock to your accessories: Potentially – the jury is out on this one. However, if you do fancy the challenge, go for muted and tasteful neutral coloured socks. Ideally, you should pair it with a pocket square as this can make your outfit look coherent.

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