How To Wear Oxford Shoes - 6 Different Occasions

Updated: Jul 14

There are a time and a place to sport a pair of Oxford shoes. Get it wrong and you might look like you’ve dressed in the dark. But get it right, and you’ll feel like the bee’s knees. So if you're asking yourself "How to wear Oxford shoes" we're here to help.

Wondering whether you can wear your pair of men’s Oxford shoes for a certain occasion?

Traditionally, shoes are regarded as a customary part of formal attire. However, as the dawn of the gentleman has re-emerged, Oxford shoes have become increasingly versatile.

The key to how to wear Oxford shoes and getting the look right is to pick the perfect type and colour of trousers. This includes:

  • Choosing from four common trouser breaks – no break, slight break, medium break and full break

  • Opting for a cropped or rolled trouser look – depending on how hipster you are

  • Knowing what jeans to wear – skinny, skinny stretch or tapered styles in darker colours are best

To give you a more practical understanding of how these looks can work, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of occasions that are suitable for you to wear Oxford shoes.

How to wear Oxford shoes at Weddings/christening

A pretty obvious inclusion, but essential nonetheless. Wearing a pair of quality handcrafted Oxford shoes will really add another ten notches to any suit.

If you go for a luxurious tailored bespoke suit or made-to-measure suit, cutting corners on a pair of shoes to match simply won’t cut it. Oxford shoes will give you a unique opportunity to add personality into your outfit, while wonderfully complimenting the incredible workmanship of your suit.

How to wear Oxford shoes on a Date night

Who said romance is dead? Whether you’re going out for a bite to eat or doing something a bit more quirky, show that someone special that you’re willing to make an effort.

The bottom line is, Oxford shoes are sexy. As well as oozing class, they tell your partner that you take pride in your own appearance and will do the same with them too. That’s a powerful statement!

Pair them up with jeans and a blazer for the ultimate smart/casual vibe.

How to wear Oxford shoes on a flight

Sorry…what? Yep, that’s right. According to a flight attendant, “No jeans or trainers – so I always go for tight trousers and a blazer or a dress. For men, chinos or trousers and a shirt are worn.”

And what goes best with a pair of chinos or trousers – Oxfords, of course.

If you fancy banking yourself an upgrade, consider arriving at the airport in style. (You can always save the flowery shirts and chino shorts for another day!)

How to wear Oxford shoes at the office

It might be boring, however, Oxford shoes can do a number of things to the way you and other people perceive you in a work environment.

For instance, greeting a client in scruffy trainers, cheap shoes or a pair of boots doesn’t quite scream professional. From a personal point of view, Oxford shoes make you feel confident too, giving you more confidence to lead by example, instead of hiding away in the corner of the room.

While it’s probably not essential that you wear them every day – unless you have a strict dress code – make sure they’re your go-to with smart trousers when you have a big board meeting or client pitch.

How to wear Oxford shoes on a night out/party

Just because you’re planning on sinking a few pints, it doesn’t mean your footwear choice has to join the list of regrettable drunken mistakes you may make that evening!

Pairing your men’s Oxfords with jeans, a long sleeve smart shirt (rolled-up) and a classy watch can help separate yourself from the other rabble in town or at a party.

Our pick here would be brown Oxfords with dark blue jeans, as they don’t look quite as formal as a black alternative.

How to wear Oxford shoes when shopping

Believe it or not, Oxford shoes can be an awesome choice of footwear when you’re spending a day popping tags.

It all depends on whether you choose a quality-made pair, like our Percy Stride Timeless range. Using the finest leather and a luxuriously soft sole, your shoes will shape around your specific foot dimensions.

So, when you’re on your feet all day, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable from start to finish. Plus, shop assistants usually give you more special attention too as you look like a serious customer.

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