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Danielle’s Menswear Style Hacks for Dapper Chaps

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Looking dapper isn’t just about the way you look, it’s the feeling that comes with it as well. To help give you that killer style, I’ve put together some of my very own hacks every gentleman should strictly follow to become a dapper chap. Whether you’re heading out to a restaurant for a spot of lunch or inviting a few people over to the man-cave to watch the game, looking dapper should always be a priority. To successfully achieve this will say a lot about you as a person and optimise your chances of:

  1. Attracting your perfect partner.

  2. Being labelled the ‘fashionable’ guy in your wolfpack.

  3. Feeling like an absolute boss.

So what does it take to be ‘dapper’? Well, according to the Collins dictionary, ‘dapper’ is an adjective describing a man who is “neat and spruce in dress and bearing”. To help you achieve the dictionary definition, I’ve stopped designing my next range of Percy Stride shoes (momentarily) and assembled my own top hacks for you to follow.

Funky socks

Socks can really make the difference with first impressions. Classic Menswear style can be impacted greatly by the correct choice of socks. When you sit down, your trousers naturally ride up your legs. So if you have plain black socks on, you’ll instantly put more pressure on other elements of your outfit as a person will immediately discard this item of clothing when they are looking at you. Socks remove the pressure and give you a sneaky opportunity to showcase a bit of your personality. I recommend matching them with your shirt or pocket square.

A tailored suit is a must

Popping down to your nearest high-street shop for a skinny or regular suit may seem like an easy option, but it doesn’t quite have that pristine finish a dapper chap should aim for.

Men with style always go for a tailored fit and a sharp colour. If your suit is starting to lose its colour completely, you’ll look scruffy. If you’re going to fix up and look sharp, make sure you do it correctly.

If you’re wearing a patterned tailored suit, watch out for the seams. You can always tell if a suit is cheap or poorly made by checking whether the pattern matches up at the back seam of a blazer/suit jacket.

Don’t forget the waistcoat

The waistcoat is the cherry on top with any tailored suit. It hugs your body shape in all the right places and adds another layer to your look.

If you’re heading to a more casual occasion like a date or evening out, opt for a waistcoat, jeans, smart shirt and no belt. This will help you truly capture the smart/casual style vibe.

A true gentlemen's style is diverse if nothing else. Try a contrasting patterned waistcoat to create a casual look. A tweed waistcoat is very popular this year and can elevate your classic tailored style.

Brace yourself

Braces epitomise a dapper gentleman. While a smart shirt and trousers/jeans may give you an overall smart appearance, braces add a new dimension.

They are also a fantastic way to subconsciously bring a pair of trousers and the shirt together, giving people the impression you have expertly coordinated the outfit.

For extra brownie points, try matching your braces with a pair of our own shoelaces.

Smart shoes

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of handmade leather shoes. In fact, our recent blog highlights this very point following an interesting survey on what style of footwear a female prefers a man to wear.

A dapper man should choose a pair of our own men’s Oxford shoes for most formal and smart/casual outfits, or loafers for a casual alternative.

I always believe you can tell a lot by a man’s shoes. So make sure they are clean and matched perfectly with your outfit. You can see how to do the latter by looking at our previous blog.

Hats on (not off)

Heading out for a drink or a night out at the theatre, then don’t discount a good old fashioned hat. The ideal choice for a dapper gentleman is a baker style or trilby, as they will instantly tell people that your appearance demands respect.

With the Peaky Blinders soon to return the baker style will be soaring back into the fore-focus of menswear style this year.

Short sleeves are in

While a lot of gentleman fashion guides involve a long-sleeved shirt, you shouldn’t forget about short sleeve alternatives.

A top smart/casual look is to pair a blue short-sleeved shirt (untucked) with a camel colour chino and classic brown leather shoe combination. This is the ideal outfit selection to pick up the kids from school or go to a meal out in the warmer months.

Consider the weather

Including long coats, scarves and gloves into the mix during the colder months can help you achieve a smart/casual look and stay warm in the process too.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that your look is clean and doesn’t contain too many patterns and colours. A nude coat works well if you have a strong look or collection of dark layers underneath.

For more fashion tips, take a look at the rest of our blog here.

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