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Updated: Jul 14

We caught up with the creator of the award-winning Men's fashion blogger, Norton of Morton, to get his thoughts on gentleman’s fashion, Percy Stride, and some inspiring words on how to add a little decency into your wardrobe this year.

Inspired by old-fashioned gentlemanly chivalry, good manners, and the art of dressing to impress, Mr. G.M Norton created a men’s fashion blogger called Norton of Morton.

From choosing the right tootal ties to gushing over his latest style icon, the ‘Norton of Morton’ goes far beyond a regular men’s style blog.

During a recent factory tour at NPS Shoes, we sat down for a quick Q&A to pick his brains about the state of the men’s fashion industry and our new range of men’s Oxford shoes.

If you’re looking for a few fashion tips and inspiration on becoming a modern-day gentleman, you won’t want to miss this…

Your blog seems to be very fashion orientated, what inspires your style?

“My fashion style has developed over the eras and is mostly driven by music such as 1990's indie, the mod scene, and the 50/60’s subculture.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed experimenting with each look and took a natural path to my current style now. We’re in a time where David Beckham is going viral for wearing a vintage suit at the royal wedding and Peaky Blinders is one of the biggest television series in the UK. Men’s style is moving backward with more people wearing waistcoats and pocket watches. I just happened to already be flying the flag for this style for the past five or so years!”

(Above: Gary Norton wearing Percy Stride Alfred Oxfords)

Where do you tend to shop for your clothes?

“I love to find gems/designer labels in charity and vintage shops. But most importantly, I enjoy discovering British brands and learning more about where the clothing or footwear is designed and made.

I recently visited a factory in Yorkshire that has been making the same trousers and using the same technique for over 200 years. I also highly recommend a company called Private White, based in Manchester, which creates raincoats from scratch in Manchester.

The most important aspect is knowing where your products have come from and the journey they have taken. That’s why I love Percy Stride. Your shoes are made in this very factory and custom-made to order, it doesn’t get any more personal than that. The styles are also fantastic and versatile too.

I tend to avoid high-street retailers who have made a statement of saying: I don’t have a very unique style, I mostly stick to jeans and t-shirt, maybe that is because my imagination is colourful enough.”

What would you suggest to men looking for fashion tips?

"How I dress now I wouldn't have dressed 15 years ago and that's the beauty of it, you're on a journey and you're influenced by life.

Not knowing what it is and not being able to get what you want because you don't know what it's called, is down to a lack of knowledge offered by popular high-street retailers.

My advice to those who wish to dress like a gentleman is to avoid conforming to the ‘norm’. Look for inspiration with independent retailers and allow your mind to be creative in your selection. My blog is designed to give you the perfect starting point to do exactly that.”

Why did you start your award-winning blog?

“I started my blog as I felt I had something to say which was different from other men’s style experts. I wanted an outlet for who I am and to demonstrate the true ways of a modern-day gentleman.

Since I started it five and a half years ago, I’ve posted frequently addressing a number of different topics. The key to my success is maintaining consistency, planning ahead, and avoiding posting too much on one subject so it remains fresh for the readers.”

To read all about Mr. Nortons experience with us please visit his blog: Percy Stride | Factory Visit

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