Surprising Trends for Grooms

Updated: Jul 14

Attending or planning a wedding in 2019? Then you might want to follow our exclusive guide on what to wear.

To reflect on this year's appearance at the NEC, Birmingham on 1st-3rd March for The National Wedding Show, we thought it was only right to share our top tips on 2019 wedding wear.

Here goes…

Dress for the occasion

The key to dressing success is to consider the occasion and your role in the wedding itself.

For instance, if you’re just a guest attending the evening reception, you have a lot more flexibility to dress down your outfit, as opposed to a relative who’s going to a traditional all-day wedding.

Here are a few rules to abide by:

  • Tuxedos should only be worn at a black-tie wedding event.

  • Loafers and bright tropical suits should be reserved for a vibrant beach or summer-themed wedding.

  • Everyone should wear a tie unless they’re only attending the evening event. In which case, a pocket square is a perfect alternative.

The hottest Groom trends

The three-piece suit is back this year and is the key to ultimate sophistication. It provides any male guest with the opportunity to dress up for the formalities and then remove the jacket for a smart, but more practical, end of the evening.

After all, it’s important every man has some breathing room to manoeuvre when they’re flossing on the dancefloor!

It's the perfect time to introduce a selection of shades and colour for a unique look. The idea is to use the same vibrant cloth for the groom and groomsmen, but just tweak the detailing for a subtle and strong finish. We recommend a purple or burgundy suit to make a big and bold statement.

Every male guest at the wedding should also be aiming for slim fit suits, as this will emphasise a man’s chest and shoulders for a masculine appearance.

If you’re thinking about wearing a loose-fitting shirt, don’t! While feeling comfortable is important, it’s vital to look sharp. If sweating is an issue, come prepared and bring two or three shirts.

Socks also present gentlemen with a golden opportunity to bring their outfits to life. Sure, most men will wear a blue, grey or black suit, but have they thought about the socks?

Make it British has hand-picked 20 wonderful British-made sock brand manufacturers to give you some inspiration on this.

Tweed jackets are making a comeback this year, giving wedding guests the chance to mix colours and add real depth to their look.

It’s all in the shoes

(Above: Percy Stride Chestnut Brown Oxfords £250)

Whether you’re the groom or a distant relative, shoes truly make a significant difference to the big day. They may not always stand out, but a bad tatty pair certainly does.

That’s why it’s imperative that you think about these added touches – especially if you’re involved in organizing the big day.

So that's an overview of our groom's trends. We offer exclusive groom and groomsmen footwear packages of up to 12 pairs in order as well as bespoke engraving for the special day. Contact us for more information.

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