Valentines Day Style Guide

Updated: Jul 4

A Gentleman’s Style Guide to Valentines Success

Looking at some of the best men's valentines day style ideas.

Valentine’s Day is here gentlemen…roses are red, violets are blue, here is a style guide, just for you.

Whether you’re entertaining a new flame or an old love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for every gentleman to express how they feel.

However, different date locations throw up different fashion dilemmas. So it’s important to do your homework and be prepared – otherwise, an evening of red hot love could just end up leaving you red-faced instead.

To help guide you through this nervy (yet exciting) time of the year, here are some top Valentine's day style ideas and fashion tips for men.

Evening dinner = blazer

The majority of us will work in the day and treat our loved one to a slap-up meal in the evening. If this sounds like you, blazer up.

It’s smart, stylish and sexy.

Ditch the sharply tailored suit jacket for a relaxed tweed or one buttoned blazer. A roll neck or crew neck, plus a pair of nicely fitted skinny stretch jeans are wonderful options if you want to slightly dress down the outfit.

For a real wow factor, sport a pair of our Oxford shoes. Don’t forget, trousers are very much in fashion at the moment, so if you are thinking of going somewhere nice, it’s ok to suit up – but just remember to leave the shirts at home to avoid a wedding look!

Our outfit of choice: a dark blue navy suit, Black Oxford shoes and a periwinkle colour t-shirt (muscle fit).

An action-packed evening = smart and practical

If you’re going full-hog this Valentine's Day by combining dinner and an activity all in one date, you need to factor in the practicalities.

For instance, if you turn up in a blazer, this might restrict your ability to sink a two-foot putt at crazy golf – oh the shame! And not to mention how warm you’ll get.

Spare yourself any blushes by choosing a chunky cable jumper or more relaxed cotton buttoned-down checked shirt. Simply pop on some breathable jeans, a pair of desert or Chelsea boots, and a pea coat for a perfectly balanced outfit.

The beauty of choosing a stylish pea coat, or even an overcoat, means that you look great when you first arrive but can easily take it off to allow yourself to partake in activities like bowling, crazy golf, or pool.

Our outfit of choice: black skinny jeans, desert boots, a camel overcoat and a cream cable jumper.

A daytime date = dress down

If you’re lucky enough to have work off on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to be more realistic and in keeping with your outfit selection.

For example, while suits might look bloody amazing, they might not be the best bet if you’re in the early stages of dating, as it suggests that you’re trying too hard. Plus, it could make your partner feel underdressed, which isn’t a nice feeling for both parties involved.

Whether you’re heading to a museum or a nearby city for a spot of shopping, day dates often involve a lot of walking and unpredictable British weather to account for. So a lightweight jacket like a mac, Sherpa, trench or unlined parka holds the key to Valentine’s day style success here.

In regards to footwear, leather trainers or a sturdy and comfortable pair of boots are ideal.

Our outfit of choice: a light brown Sherpa, a beige knitted jumper, dark blue jeans, and a clean pair of leather trainers.

Feeling indecisive?

If you’re not sure about where to take your date on Valentine’s Day or just need some last-minute advice, don’t panic.

Here are some quick ideas courtesy of Fashion Beans:

  • Book a chocolate masterclass for a tasty evening with someone sweet.

  • Escape to a boutique hotel and explore the countryside hand in hand.

  • Recreate your first date and inject some of the excitement you first experienced together.

  • Crank up the heat at home by challenging each other to a cook-off.

  • Serenade each other with a spot of karaoke and drinks.

Just don’t forget the roses!

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