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What are the most attractive shoes on guys?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Good news gentleman, the secret is out! Find out what men’s shoes get a woman’s heart racing and which ones have them running for the hills.

So what are the most attractive shoes on guys?

When it comes to wooing the ladies, first impressions are essential. Especially when they’ll be discreetly (or not) checking you out from head to toe.

This means, either your first or lasting impression of a female is your shoes! Lucky for you, the men’s fashion experts at GQ have conducted some research on which shoes women prefer men to wear.

With over 200 taking the anonymous survey, this might just give you a snapshot into a female’s thought process. Make the right choice and you could go from tying your shoelaces to tying the knot!

Good luck!

Best men’s shoe for the office

Unsurprisingly, the dress shoe or a form of Oxford account for 70.1% of the vote, with 40.7% preferring a cap toe dress shoe and 29.4% opting for a plain toe dress shoe.

If you’re in a relationship, a pair of wingtips (22%) or monk straps (7.9%) will probably put the ladies off and keep you in your wife/or partner’s good books for a while!

Best men’s shoes for the beach

You can rock up to the beach looking as ripped as Zac Efron, but if you’re wearing a pair of hiking boots it’s game over. Ok, if you look like Mr. High School Musical himself, you’d probably get away with it! Nonetheless, they certainly won’t do you any favours.

The GQ survey revealed that flip-flops lead the way with 51.4% of the vote, followed by espadrilles (20.6%). But forgetting what the most attractive shoes on guys actually is for a second...flip-flops are possibly the worst shoes you can wear for your foot health. In fact, if you are on the beach, the best thing to opt for is barefoot over a flip-flop!

At the other end of the spectrum, you’d need a small miracle to attract a lady if you choose to wear Jesus sandals (15%) and shower sliders (13.1%).

Best men’s shoes for a date

You’ve secured a date, go you! However, finding the right shoes to wear can prove to be an absolute nightmare. If you want to play it safe, chukka boots are the best option, accumulating an impressive 60.9% of the vote.

The following three options of Chelsea boots (15.6%), boat shoes (14.6%), and loafers (8.5%) may prove dangerous if you pick the wrong outfit. So it might be worth checking out our previous post for further inspiration: ‘A Men’s Guide on What to Wear to a First Date’.

(Left : Percy Stride George - Chocolate Chukka Boots £145)

Best men’s shoes for a wedding

When it comes to weddings, wingtips hit all the right notes with the ladies racking up 67.6% of the vote. Surprisingly, 22.1% of women preferred men at weddings to wear suede bucks instead of loafers (10.4%)

(Above: Percy Stride Dorian Oxfords £175)

Alternatively, a pair of men’s Oxford shoes from Percy Stride would probably turn a few heads too. If you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding, you might find our recent post useful.

Best men’s shoes for weekend chillin’

The final choice in the survey was choosing the best men’s shoes for casual/weekend wear.

As expected, sneakers triumphed with 46.3% of the vote, while boat shoes (24.8%) and desert boots (20.1%) were labelled as solid choices.

If you’re a fan of a good driving loafer, you may want to look away now as only 8.9% believed they were the most attractive choice.

And there you have it! You have no excuses now fellas.

If you want to keep on top of menswear trends try our recent blog: Time Travelling Trends: 5 Styles Making a Comeback in 2019

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