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What Clothes to Take on Holiday: A Complete Travel Wardrobe Checklist

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Want to look fresh on your getaway? Read on for the ultimate men’s holiday checklist. Figuring out what clothes to take on holiday is always a pain. Even at the best of times, it’s easy to forget important items when you’re swept up in the holiday excitement. We’ve all been there – leaving something behind and not realising until you’re thousands of miles away. To avoid any holiday fashion faux pas this year, we’ve put together a handy checklist of what clothes you’ll want to take on holiday. Read on to get your holiday wardrobe lined up. WHAT CLOTHES TO TAKE ON HOLIDAY The essentials

Underwear This should always be top of the list! How many times have you gone away with too few pairs of boxers? Make sure you pack enough underwear for the length of your trip. If you need some new pairs, check out Oddballs. Not only do they come in fun colours and patterns, but all of the profits go to charity. Socks Similarly, make sure you pack socks for every occasion. Sports socks for any active adventures, as well as socks to match your outfit for more formal evening events. If you need some extra guidance, we have a whole guide on these holiday essentials! T-shirts No matter where you’re going, you’ll need to pack some t-shirts. We love these crisp, colourful and smart tees from Colourful Standard. And they’re guilt-free too! Completely organic and zero waste, using eco-friendly dyes and recycled packaging. Sweatshirts Even if you’re heading to warmer climates, you’ll want to bring at least one sweatshirt. A simple style and neutral shade will perfectly blend with all your outfit choices. Belts Even when you’re on holiday, you still need accessories to tie your outfits together. Be sure to pack at least one belt for your trip away. Opt for a beautifully neutral black belt, or be bold and break up your holiday gear with a bright red leather number. Sleepwear Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in comfort. Pack some cosy pyjamas, like these super sleek sets from Drift Sleepwear. Sunglasses If you’re going on a sunny break, sunglasses are essential. Yet, they’re worth packing for colder getaways too. We recommend the 714 Steve Mcqueen’s by Persol for all-weather style. Trainers (comfortable enough for walking) Remember to pack some trainers that are comfortable enough to walk in. This doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish! Pack a pair of Vejas to suit every outfit. If you’re going on a more active holiday, you might also want to bring some walking boots or running shoes. Jeans You can’t go wrong with packing a pair of jeans. Whether an evening trouser for a beach holiday or part of your day-time wardrobe on a wintery getaway, jeans are a holiday staple. Holiday evening wear Likely to head out to some fancy restaurants in the evening? No matter the climate you’ll want to make sure you pack the following. A suit jacket or blazer A linen jacket to throw over a loose shirt on a summery night out or a smart suit blazer for more formal occasions, make sure you pack a smarter evening jacket for your holiday. Oxfords Nothing brings an evening outfit together like a pair of Oxfords. Bring your favourite staple black pair, or jazz up your holiday with a more relaxed acorn brown. Or if you’re feeling jazzy, go for a bright blue or red pair of Percy Strides. Cufflinks If you’re heading to an event while you’re away, cufflinks are sure to bring your outfit to the next level. Go super sleek with brilliant silver, or liven up the look with some interesting colours and shapes! Ties Match your tie to the rest of your outfit or make a bright and bold statement. You’ll find so many to choose from at The Tie Store. Chinos Similarly, a chino pant makes for the perfect holiday trouser. Lightweight for warmer countries, but warm enough for winter too, make some room for these in your suitcase. We love these smart-casual gems from Spoke. Dress shirts Whether you pair it with a striking jacket or let it do the talking itself, be sure to stock up on some formal shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. Watch If you take one piece of jewellery away with you, let it be a watch. Perfectly match your Oxfords with a beautiful leather strap or choose a metal band for a more glamorous look. On location So, you’ve got all the essentials packed and some smarter pieces for the evening or formal events. To finish off, you’ll want to grab some location-specific pieces. Sunny settings


Whether you’ll be sunning yourself at the beach, or dipping into a rooftop city pool, make sure you’ve got some good swimmers with you. We love the recycled swimwear over at Finisterre.

Flip flops/sandals

An absolute must for a summer holiday! Grab your Havaianas and you’ll be ready for the pool.


Shorts are a must for those sunny days on holiday. Whether you go for a chino short or an elasticated waist, take a look at these great pieces from Cos.

Wintery getaways


A woollen or cashmere scarf is a great addition to a wintery holiday suitcase. Wrap yourself up in a British-made Glencroft scarf both day and night.


Similarly, make sure to pack a woollen hat. While super practical, they can also be incredibly stylish. Take a look at the amazing range of colours of merino beanies at Findra.

Winter coat

Last but not least, a warm winter coat. Rather than packing this, we suggest wearing it to the airport to avoid those oh-so annoying creases and to save some suitcase space.

You should now be ready to take the world by storm…and in style too. Did you find this useful? Subscribe to our newsletter below for more footwear and fashion tips.

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