What to Wear With Arthur Red Men’s Oxford Shoes?

Updated: Jul 14

What goes with red shoes? Learn some top tips on how to style yourself with our Arthur Red Men’s Oxford Shoes.

What goes with red shoes for guys? It’s a question Google doesn’t have many answers to. It’s probably because red isn’t your conventional footwear colour.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can’t look bloody amazing! I mean, just look at our brand new Arthur Red Calf Leather Two-Tone Oxford Shoes for men.

Made from the finest leather and with a Goodyear welt construction, they’re designed to make a lasting impression for years to come. Unlike other men’s red shoes, our Oxfords beautifully fuse the blood-red tone with a softer burgundy for a truly unique style. If you want to get people talking, then add a pair into your basket now.

Or if you need some tips on how to rock red shoes before you buy, take a look at our guide below.

"What goes with red shoes?" – ways to make it work

The point of red shoes, trainers or flip flops is to add some life into normal outfit combinations. In terms of casual attire, red trainers can accompany a simple dark blue jeans, blue/white checked shirt and bomber jacket look. While you can stretch the boundaries for sporting clothing by pairing some red trainers with a matching gym tee.

But what about matching formal red shoes like our Arthur Red Men’s Oxfords?

Well, when it comes to picking the right trousers to go with red shoes, your safest bet is black jeans. This way, the neutral colours don’t compete or clash with the red.

Although, dark blue jeans can work just as well if you want to add more depth to your outfits. (As you can see from the picture below.)

While a white shirt works with a lot of red shoe outfits, try to avoid wearing it alone if you don’t want to be asked for medical help every five minutes! Instead, place a real emphasis on picking the right blazer. Forget pastel colours, as this will give people too many things to look at. Stick to a navy blazer.

Cream and brown are additional staple colours to add to your navy palette. They offer a preppy look and something different when you aren’t digging the cool blue attire.

One of the easiest ways to bring consistency or a clear thought process to a blazer outfit is to purchase a matching red tie or pocket square. Slater has a fantastic range of shades to choose from.

For shopping and casual days out, don’t be afraid to dust off your beige chinos. A dark blue and thin white horizontal striped jumper with a light blue shirt underneath puts a twist on a standard nautical look.

But what about rainy days? We all know a thing or two about s**t weather in the UK, so it pays to invest in a matching coat. Like the pocket square and tie, a smart burgundy or red coat instantly brings cohesion to the whole red shoe look.

For commuting in heavy rain, a technical raincoat or large padded jacket in dark red is perfect. Or for elegance over practicality, look into rich dark burgundy pea coat or trench coat options.

Are red shoes appropriate for work?

Absolutely! Granted, our Arthur Red Men’s Oxfords are bold. But they’re a statement about who you are and what you’re all about.

Want your voice to be heard in the boardroom? Then wear red shoes. Going for something different tells those around you that you’re confident in what you wear and what you stand for. Floral shirts are in the same league. And now look, they’re a summer staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe.

The beauty of men’s red shoes is that they can be used to deliberately add contrast to an outfit. At work, combine them with a summer navy blue blazer, baby blue shirt, yellow/gold tie, brown belt and smart white jeans. The red will add a remarkable twist on a classic, confident smart office look.

If the yellow/gold tie is a step too far for your liking, think about a light grey and blue checked blazer, matching tie and pocket square, along with a pair of white jeans. The red shoes will be the star of the show here.

To order your pair of Arthur Red Calf Leather Two-Tone Men’s Oxford shoes in time for Christmas, visit our shop.

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