What Your Clothing Colour Says About You

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Want to create an atmosphere with your outfit? Learn how to reflect your mood and personality with your clothing colour choice. Colours are really powerful. We know that in the world of interior design. Experts will choose specific colours to encourage particular energies in different rooms; blue or grey-toned colours for a calming and peaceful bedroom, yet brighter colours to evoke creativity and productivity in an office, for example. But these principles of colour don’t just apply to home décor - fashion plays into it too! What you wear shows off your personality, but colours can also hugely affect and reflect your mood… and have an emotional impact on those around you. We all know that black is a wardrobe staple, but what does wearing black really mean? Read on for the ultimate 101 guide on what your clothing says about you. How to reflect your mood in the colour of your clothes Passionate red Known as the colour of passion, wearing this colour is sure to get you noticed. In fact, it’s been said that the colour red actually increases the metabolism and raises the blood pressure of onlookers, which is why it’s used for stop signs! If you’re dressing to impress and want to attract some attention, this is the colour for you. Perfect for parties or a first date, wearing red can increase your self-confidence and add an element of intensity to your get-up. Nervous that a shirt or trousers in red would be too much? Try adding just a pop of red to your outfit with accessories. A red tie, pocket square, or draw the eye to your dancing shoes with a gorgeous vamp red. Wondering what you should pair red with? Black and red is a classic colour combination, but try styling with white for a little more balance. Do note that red can also be a sign of danger and aggression, so we recommend avoiding it in the workplace! Sophisticated grey While often seen as an obvious choice, too much grey is not great in the world of fashion. Worn wrong, it can be overly suppressive, too quiet and passive. In clothing, it’s often associated with a lack of energy, making its wearers appear uninvolved or disinterested. Worn right, however, grey awakens a soft sophistication, neutrality and practicality that means it’s beautifully paired with other more daring colours. Brighter colours are a great way of offsetting the low energy of grey. Mint green, rose pink, sunshine yellow and coral orange are prime examples. Peaceful blue The colour of the open seas and bright summer skies, blue has the opposite effect to red. This soothing colour reduces blood pressure, inducing a sense of calm and relaxation. It can often be the colour that people find most comfortable to wear. It’s not too striking but not too plain either! Throughout time, dark blue has also been the colour of uniforms, which gives the colour a sense of authority and power. This makes it a great hue to wear to work, or even an interview to give you the upper hand! Bright blues are known to evoke a sense of creativity and flow, as well as allow you to concentrate. So whether you’re at work or socialising with friends, the colour blue is an absolute wardrobe staple! Grab yourself some blue shoes to complete the look. However, if you’ve gone for a blue suit, pair it with a nutty acorn dress shoe. While blue makes for a great outfit choice, it’s worth noting that overdoing the blue could come across as cold and unfriendly. So, make sure you throw some other pops of colour into your ensemble to keep things upbeat. Fresh green The colour most closely associated with nature, green has a magical feeling of freshness, positivity and hope. Wearers of green suddenly appear more trustworthy, striking a great sense of balance. It makes for the perfect daytime colour. Whereas a darker, emerald hue is also a great choice for a more formal evening event. Yet green is often also connected with the idea of wealth and growth - making it a great colour for business deals, particularly when negotiating. Soft on the eyes, green is a safe bet for your wardrobe. Pair with darker colours for a sophisticated look. Or get creative and twin with brighter tones such as yellow, orange or blue for a bolder statement. Zesty orange A beautiful colour of warmth and energy, orange is a great choice for a fun and feisty party outfit! While it’s often seen as a statement, the colour orange can also be viewed as one of caring. If going all out with an orange shirt is too much for you, tone it down with soft neutrals, or limit the zesty colour to your accessories. Try an orange belt to break up an otherwise monochrome outfit. Romantic pink While red is an essential ingredient in making pink, this colour sees a decrease in the aggressive traits of its parent colour. It instead has soothing and nurturing properties. A colour of kindness, optimism and happiness, it’s unsurprising that it’s the colour of romance. Pair with navy blues, black or white for a clean-cut complement. Grey also makes for a beautifully soft marriage with pink - which is why you’ll often see this colour combo at weddings! Complete this wedding look with a classic black shoe, or brown if you’re donning a lighter shade of grey. Elegant black Black is often everyone’s wardrobe default - and for good reason! Is there anything more elegant than a black suit? Incredibly serious and professional, the prestigious colour black is the perfect option for work. Yet, expressing an air of power and mystery also makes it a great option for a date or party. Pair with a green or blue shirt for the perfect daytime office combo. As night falls, show off your character and let loose! Opt for a zesty and exciting orange, an intense rouge or even a warm pink or yellow. Energising yellow If you’re looking to reflect your bright and sunny disposition in clothes, yellow is for you. Wearing yellow brings an idea of youth, happiness and optimism to you and those around you. It’s said to actually increase serotonin levels in the brain! It’s certainly an active colour, ideal for adventure and striking the imagination. It’s the perfect option if you want to stand out at parties or creative events. Yet its energising properties can also make it a little too audacious for some. Its activity and buzz mean it’s a relatively unstable colour, so perhaps tone it down for more serious events. Warm Brown While brown isn’t always everyone’s favourite clothing colour, it links to nature provides a warmth that can look great in any outfit. We’re not talking about a frumpy brown suit that's only home is a dreary grey office! Earthy browns in clothing can help exude an air of reliability and supportiveness. It can also bring warmth to otherwise cool shades of blue and green, or tone down pops of colour such as cobalt blue or teal. For a super trendy autumnal look, twin a brown pair of trousers or a jacket with other warm neutrals such as caramels and creams. Top off the look with a gorgeous acorn shoe. Start using colour combinations to your advantage There you have it! Your complete colour guide. Just remember that if you’re not a fan of certain colours, but they’re the best to support your mood, you can avoid them and stimulate or reflect your feelings with different combinations. If you’re feeling creative but hate yellow, for example, opt for a powerful pairing of blue and orange for the perfect focusing yet fiery combination. And remember - use colours that really work for you. You can always get inventive with your accessories! Did you find this useful? Subscribe to our newsletter below for more footwear and fashion tips. 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