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A Best Quality Shoe Brand - Why Choose Percy Stride?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Men's shoes, online shopping? It's often thought that the pair don't sync. However, we're here to give you the confidence to choose a pair of quality Northampton made shoes, and buy online with reassurance.

When it comes to finding the ideal pair of men’s Goodyear welted shoes, why should you choose our brand?

If this is the first time that you’ve stumbled upon Percy Stride, then you may want to know a few reasons why you should spend your hard-earned money with us.

No problem.

Without further ado, here are some pretty compelling points which differentiate us from your normal high-street brands.

We’re personal

No, we don’t mean that we’ll be popping around yours for dinner tonight. What we mean is that we pride ourselves on personally replying to every question and checking in to see if our customers are happy with their product.

We don’t believe in automated emails, which have about as much personality as Michael Owen. Instead, we always endeavour to listen and adapt to our clientele – after all, we shape our brand around your needs.

“Concerning my general experience with the company, Percy Stride has quickly advanced to my number 1 shoe brand! The fact that it's a small company creates a very nice environment wherein contacting the brand, the response has been very quick, factual, and personally tailored. I will certainly be back for my second pair in the future!”

Hampus, Sweden, customer

We care about quality

While there are many different online and high-street shops that stock men’s Oxford shoes, not many of them will be made with such quality and craftsmanship.

Our Goodyear welted construction makes every shoe durable and can be easily replaced using our renovation partnership with Kings of Somerset.

Cheap shoes may seem kind on your back pocket at the time of purchase, but what about two years down the line when you’re throwing your third or fourth pair away?

“The quality of the shoes is magnificent, they look great and fit perfectly. The founder got in touch with me via email after my order was made, which you don't get from many companies! Recommended.”

Michael, UK, customer

We think about comfort

Unlike a lot of other brands, we listen to your specific requirements and try to incorporate them into our designs.

As we previously mentioned, the importance of purchasing a quality pair of shoes is vital when it comes to body alignment and posture.

Comfort is also a major factor as well, especially if you plan on wearing them on a daily basis to work.

“What can I say to the uninitiated who haven’t tried a pair of Percy strides yet, your missing out on the best shoes around.

Comfortable wide fitting, a shoe with a style and character of their own (like their creator).

The quality and attention to detail are second to none and if you buy a pair of noontides you’re not alone in a room for long.”

Gary, UK, customer

We’re backed by expert fashionistas and models

Our shoes are also recommended by a string of leading fashion bloggers and models too – having been lucky enough to work with them over the past year.

“Percy Stride is a first-class shoe company. I'm extremely proud to call myself a Strider, with a pair of their Oxfords on my feet. They're so well designed and as they're made in the world's shoe capital of Northampton, they're of such high quality.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Danielle at the shoe factory. Her passion shined through so brightly, it could guide a ship home. I can't recommend Percy Stride Footwear enough.”

Gary Norton, UK, fashion blogger (

“I modeled for this company and was delighted with the whole experience, from the owner Danielle’s personality and enthusiasm to ultimately wearing the fabulous shoe which was so comfortable, well made and stylish. A great British brand which gets my full support.”

So what’s stopping you? Take a look at our full range of men’s Oxford shoes today.

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