Unique Fathers Day Gifts That'll Last a Lifetime

Forget the beers, here are some of the most unique Father’s Day gifts designed for men that are difficult to buy for.

How do you buy for a dad who has everything? While pants and beers might be appreciated by a lot of men, it doesn’t exactly thank him for the many years of support and encouragement he’s showed you.

Get ahead of the game, go all out for Father’s Day by giving your old man something they can cherish forever.

Sure, it might not feel “manly” to be sentimental, but through all of the tough exterior, buying something special for him will truly mean the world to him.

Whether you have a budget of £10 or £225, we have compiled some of the most unique fathers day gifts and extraordinary gift ideas guaranteed to stand the test of time.

AncestryDNA (£59 – usually £79)

For curious Dads, this DNA testing service can help them discover their family origins – including any potential long-lost relatives who might have also taken the test.

A unique fathers day gift indeed! This is the perfect gift for those days who love to keep busy.

Engraved Stern whisky glass (£14.99)

Whisky might seem like a lovely gesture, but it’s soon consumed! Instead, this engraved Stern whisky glass will remind your father of you every time they sip on their favourite tipple.

Smart Mug (£79.99)

Don’t be a mug, buy this wacky gift from Firebox. Thanks to its ember control feature, your dad can set their own preferred temperature and hold up the heat of their coffee or tea for hours.

It’s ideal for tradesmen who can’t stop working every two minutes to take a sip or if your father just enjoys taking his time reading the newspaper from back to front.

Myrtle Tree of Love Gift (£45)

For any green fingers, this beautiful gift is a perfect choice. Symbolising joy and harmony, the Myrtle Tree of Love present can be enjoyed for years to come.

Once planted in the garden, it can reach a height of 2 metres in 10 years – meaning it won’t take up a lot of space and need constant pruning.

Timeless Collection ‘Dear Dad’ Memory Journal (£17)

Sometimes life takes us on a crazy journey and we forget to look back at all of the incredible experiences along the way.

This coloured fabric and gold foil blocked gift journal will help your father capture and share his wonderful memories and stories.

Each journal includes 60 thoughtful questions to inspire him to tell his story by describing past and present events. There’s plenty of room for including photos and memorabilia too.

This gift could be passed down from generation to generation.

Being Daddy Personalised Father’s Day Print (£18.95)

Capture a moment in photo form and frame it with this stunning personalised Father’s Day print.

Accompanied by a touching quote, “Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you”, this present is a touching way of telling him just how much he means to you.

Percy Stride shoes (starting from £225)

Obviously, we were always going to include our own quality, handcrafted Oxford shoes. The beautiful thing about buying a pair of shoes is that they are built to last a lifetime.

Whether they’re worn at work, for a special occasion or just when they’re out and about, every time your dad laces them up, you’ll be on their mind.

Fathers day may only come around once a year but if you are looking for something to stand the test of time why not think about Shoe Engraving? A new sole and new message for every special moment? To learn more have a look at our blog : Shoe Engraving: A timeless gift.

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