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The 8 Best Independent Brands to Support in the UK

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The next time you dip your hand in your pocket, make sure you support these independent British brands. (You won’t be disappointed.)

In the age of social distancing, the days of sporadic shopping and mooching around are limited. Without access to fitting rooms and strict one-way systems in place in many shopping centres, it’s driving a lot of us to online shopping.

However, trying to buy a gift or a treat for yourself isn’t easy when there are millions of brands to choose from online.

To help solve this problem, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and assembled some of the best independent brands in the UK for the whole family to enjoy. This way, you’ll not only find something lovely to buy, but you’ll be supporting the best of British too.

Independent brands for babies and children

Claude & Co

This UK independent brand offers beautiful children and adult unisex clothing and childhood linen memory book journals.

Claude & Co’s ‘Milking It’ range of bodysuits and leggings are made from 98% organic cotton rib and are super comfortable for your little rascal to explore in all day.

The Colour Chronicles

How many memories can you recall from your childhood? 5? 6? Possibly 10 at a push? The Colour Chronicles is a fantastic UK independent brand selling ‘The Book of You’ – a modern childhood journal and memory book for your kid to include all their favourite adventures in.

It’s a simple, yet utterly priceless way to savour their younger years.

Independent brands for women


While most things might be online these days, there’s still something very special about receiving something through the post.

Moi-Meme is a luxury subscription box filled with gifts from the world of jewellery, accessories, beauty, stationery, homeware and more. What’s not to like?

Jacks Turner

If you’re looking for a gift with a special shine, Jacks Turner is the place to go. The independent brand from Bristol specialises in handmade, contemporary jewellery.

What we like the most about this independent jeweller is that they work closely with their clients to produce beautiful custom designs. It’s a level of personalisation you won’t get from a lot of other high street retailers, without paying a hefty fee.

Independent brands for men

Percy Stride

We couldn’t include a list of independent British brands without mentioning yours truly. Our handcrafted men’s Oxfords and Monks are timeless in every sense of the word.

Their beautiful design makes them versatile to suit different occasions, while their Goodyear welted construction means they’ll last for a lifetime – with the right maintenance, of course.

Benedict Raven

As featured in our best UK independent shops blog, Benedict Raven is a quality English men’s clothing brand based in Bath.

From polo shirts and knitwear to blazers and jeans, you’ll find everything you need for a timeless look.

Independent brands for all the family

Heady Mix

For any bookworms and curious minds, Heady Mix is “A brilliantly bookish subscription service”. Every month or quarter, you’ll be sent books that showcase underrepresented groups.

It’s a truly unique gift for those willing to broaden their reading and open their minds to new perspectives.

Independent brands for pets

Kohsi Pets

If you want to earn the “Best Dog Dad or Mum” accolade, Kohsi Pets is the place to shop. This independent brand in Yorkshire designs and personalises luxury handmade pet accessories.

From ID tags and human tags to collars and leads, every item is made with love and is a perfect gesture bound to get your furry friend’s tail wagging.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, check out our other posts. We have loads of handy men’s fashion guides and foot health tips for you to get stuck into.

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