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7 Essential Men’s Accessories Made in Britain

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The best of British: up your style game with these cool and quirky men’s accessories made here on these wonderful shores. When it comes to men’s fashion, there’s a lot to think about. While choosing the right clothes and footwear may put you on the right path, it’s sometimes the smaller things that make the biggest difference to your overall look. Men’s accessories come in a variety of forms. From shiny watches and flamboyant pocket squares to stunning belts and designer bracelets, the finer details can really help showcase your personality. So, whether you’re looking for a perfect present for someone else or are here for yourself, you can find some of the best British-made men’s accessories below. Best British-made men's accessories Corrymore socks

If you live an active lifestyle or find your socks often shrink in the wash, then we have the solution. Corrymore socks are widely renowned for their comfort and durability. Made from the Corrymore flock of organic angora goats, they’re kind to sensitive skin, odourless, and come in a variety of colours. Match these beauties with the rest of your outfit for a seamless and stylish look.

There’s something wildly exuberant and lavish about a cravat – especially when it’s made from silk. The Cravat Club boasts a wonderful range of cravats for the sartorially conscious and well-groomed gentleman. Our pick of their extensive range has to be their selection of printed silk cravats. They’re loud, playful, and a perfect way of adding life to a classic look. You’ll also find a fine selection of scarves, neckties, and pocket squares. The Leather Satchel Co

One of the most criminally underrated elements in the men’s accessory game is the importance of a stylish bag. You could be dressed to the nines, but if you’re lugging around a shabby sports backpack, all your style credibility will instantly go down the drain. The story of the Leather Satchel Co dates to 1966. Since then, this family-run business has continued to impress the world with its luxury British-made leather satchels. Complete with a 5-year guarantee, you won’t be disappointed with its durability.

If you’re a proud dog dad, you’ll love the range of accessories, hats and dog leads Hettie has to offer. Inspired by our everyday British surroundings, there’s something timeless about these dog and men’s accessories. Our favourite combo is the brown baker boy hat and dog tartan bowtie collar. WT Author watches

If you’re not on the market for a standard watch, it’s time to take note of WT Author. This British manufacturer has chapters of bespoke watch designs – all unique and beautiful. You can even get them to design your own custom watch to suit your personality and style.

The next entry in our men’s accessories list comes from EDG London. While their ties and pocket squares pack a punch, it’s their British-made luxury cufflinks that have caught our attention. The designs originate from hand-painted works of art and have been precisely reproduced onto rhodium and silver cufflinks. They’re vibrant, colourful, and truly unmissable.

A good belt is the cornerstone of any look. Matching it with your shoes can bring cohesion to your outfit and add depth to basic colour schemes. Our handmade belts are made from genuine leather and customised to fit your exact waist size. Starting from just £25, they come in black, blue, brown, white, and red. To find out more, head to our dedicated handmade belt page. Enjoyed reading this blog on men’s accessories? Then subscribe to our blog below to get first access to more fashion tips and exclusive offers on Percy Stride products.

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