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Buying Shoes During Covid: 5 Things You’ll Need Proper Footwear For

Don’t just live in your slippers during the lockdown. Discover why wearing and buying shoes during Covid-19 still makes sense. The obvious choice of indoor footwear during lockdown is a pair of cosy slippers. However, this doesn’t mean you should pack your favourite shoes away and let your style slip. While we appreciate a pair of slippers will always be the most popular choice of indoor footwear during the lockdown, there are still many reasons why wearing and buying shoes during Covid-19 is still important. In this blog, we give you some examples of events and scenarios where lacing up your favourite outdoor/indoor footwear is a necessity. Reasons why you need to wear/buy shoes during Covid-19 lockdown For driving According to the AA, for maximum control, while driving, you need a pair of shoes that are soft and have a thin sole. This enables your ankle to remain flexible and helps you recognise how much pressure you’re applying on the pedals. Your best bet is a comfy pair of trainers or non-rigid leather shoes. Virtual parties Whether you have a Christmas party or birthday bash coming up, give yourself a reason to feel good and look the part. Yes, you could wear a suit or smart shirt and jeans, but discarding the need for proper footwear can make it all feel very ‘virtual’. Wearing stylish indoor footwear will do your self-esteem the world of good. And remember, one of the key factors of looking dapper is based on how confident you are. So, dress up and own it. Doing chores Another reason to wear and buy shoes during Covid-19 is to maintain foot health. Dr. Dana Canuso, DPM, says “Walking barefoot for extended periods can put excessive strain on your plantar fascia”. The podiatrist and chemist specialist added, “this strain can lead to plantar fasciitis.” As we’ve covered before, this is when the tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes becomes inflamed. Dr. Dana Canuso’s advice is to wear shoes that have prefabricated arch support. So, before you plug the hoover in or pick up your feather duster, pop a supportive pair of shoes on. For added comfort, it may also be worth investing in SOF Sole Support Insoles or Superfeet Green insoles. Socially distanced walks You might not be able to mingle during the lockdown. However, you’ll still see people out and about walking the streets or heading to ‘essential’ shops. It pays to choose footwear that’s comfortable and stylish. Think handcrafted Oxford shoes, Chelsea boots, or suede chukka boots. Or if you’re planning on going rural, running shoes or smart leather walking boots are a vital purchase. Stepping outside/sitting in the garden It may seem trivial, but every time you wear slippers for a stroll around your garden, to take the rubbish out, or to collect a parcel, you’re bringing the germs from outside back into your home. Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona carried out a test with brand new shoes for two weeks to see how much dirt is accumulated. His findings revealed a staggering 440,000 units of bacteria were found on the shoes, 27% of which were the deadly E-Coli. This is something to consider if you have a furry friend or little one sitting, walking, and crawling on the floor all day. So, if you’re planning on stepping outside, make sure that you wear proper shoes. Or if you want to wear outdoor footwear around the house, clean them regularly. For more escapism from this “new normal”, check out the rest of our blog. You’ll find men’s fashion tips, essential shoe guides, and general gentleman lifestyle hacks.




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