Men's Fashion After 50: How to Dress Sharp

Updated: Jul 14

A true gentleman never goes out of fashion and never ages. Whether you’re approaching half a century or you’ve already surpassed that milestone, men's fashion after 50 is alive and kicking. So, you’ve been there and done that. You’ve met every Tom, Dick and Harry, collected every t-shirt and are as wise as an owl. But when you reach your fifties, it doesn’t mean your life has to suddenly stop and you have to dig out an old man sweater. In fact, surpassing the midlife marker is an excuse to use all of that experience you’ve attained to start afresh and exciting chapter in your life. As a true gentleman, it’s your job to own it. Love your age and show every person who crosses your path that your style game is still strong. Men’s fashion after 50 is a movement, it’s just a matter of knowing what works for you and where to shop. Here’s everything you need to know. The ambassadors of men’s fashion after 50 Colin Firth

When it comes to fashion after 50, it doesn’t get much more sophisticated than the Oscar-winning actor, Colin Firth. The secret to his style success is in his tailoring and his willingness to accept his age. Fashion after 50 isn’t an excuse to dress like you’re in your twenties, it’s about recognising your strengths and amplifying them with the things you wear. In his case, he sticks to tailored suits which hug his slender body and always pays special attention to two wardrobe staples; his shoes and coat. Colin love's a good suit and is often seen in understated looks, Black being a favourite. You never see him in anything too outlandish or out of his comfort zone. We would suggest a pair of Percy Stride Classic Black Oxfords to complement his wardrobe (although a nice pair of Navy would also work well) Brad Pitt

Yep, this sexy being is actually over 50 – sigh! But besides his jaw-dropping looks, he’s still recognised as a style heavyweight. What makes Mr Pitt so interesting is that he’s a rare anomaly who has managed to bring his movie looks into his everyday get up. This is clear to see when you see his attire at the premieres of his films “Rock Star”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “Ocean’s Twelve”. The key lesson here is that Brad Pitt uses an occasion to dress accordingly. As an over 50, use your surroundings to inspire your style. For example, a winter date at a restaurant is a chance to use cosy colours like dark green, camels and navy. Try some of our other "Occasion" based blogs to inspire your up-coming looks: 5 Date Night Outfits for Over 50's The Best Suit Shoes For Different Occasions A Gentleman's Guide to "Night Out" Looks A Bit Closer To Home: It's difficult to relate to a celebrity and think of them as an average Joe, especially when they are dressed to the nines in items of clothing and accessories that are overpriced and out of reach. Here are some Silver Fox's who make a point of not only supporting British products but know how to dress to impress! David Evans' Grey Fox Blog

David is Britain's resident Silver Fox and has been appealing and gathering follows for many years, through his incredibly successful blog and Instagram page @greyfoxblog. Aimed at an audience of over forty's, David works with British Brands and encourages his followers to do the same. He is a true style icon for a demographic of men which are truly coming into its own! Richard Harper @dickyj73

Building up momentum quickly on his Instagram platform, Mr Harper has a unique and individual style, taking inspiration from his Northern Roots and the era's in history, such as the popular 1920's Peaky Blinders style. As a husband and busy father to 3, his family life can be clearly seen in every post, while maintaining a rustic and down to earth feel. Nick Pearce @silverfox_dude

A friend to Percy Stride, Nick has previously modelled for the brand and is a proud owner of our Chestnut Two-Tone Oxfords. A proud British Model, Nick looks to work with British brands and promote their heritage. His Instagram page is a hub of many different styles and looks for men over 50 and he provides countless inspiration with every post. The principles of how to dress in your 50s Now you’ve seen the Hollywood inspiration, it’s time to address the principles of how to dress in your 50s.

  • Say goodbye to pastels and bright colours – the only thing retiring in your life should be any flamboyant coloured outfits. Opt for classic tonal colours like camel, light grey, navy blue, forest green and dark red.

  • Invest in staple pieces – just like Colin Firth, splash out on statement pieces that you either couldn’t afford or justify buying when you were younger. A pair of our Oxford shoes are a timeless addition to your wardrobe and highly versatile, while a fancy overcoat or pea coat can work with almost any look. These items can bring every style together.

  • Update your suit shapes – our bodies change when we get older. If you’re searching for fashion over 50 and you’re a tad overweight, that’s absolutely fine. (There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few of the finer luxuries in your maturer years good sir!) To make things simple, ditch skinny suits and go for a trim, two-button jacket with wider lapels and a well-tailored trouser.

  • Accessorise – always fancied a smarter watch, cufflinks or pocket square? Then now is the time to invest. However, don’t feel the need to go for designer brands, as this can be construed as a last-ditch attempt to keep up with the kids. Subtle, timeless purchases are best.

  • More knitwear (the good kind) – I’m not talking old man rubbish. Easy-to-throw on fisherman and shawl-collared cardigan knits are comfortable and look smart. Roll necks are also on-trend at the moment and will tell the wider world that you still keep up-to-date with fashion. Getting a cosy knitted scarf is important for the winter months too.

The best fashion shops for men over 50 As well as our Oxford shoes, you’ll also find a fantastic collection of luxury British clothes designed for the modern-day gentleman. As an alternative, head to your nearest Zara, as they stock most staple pieces required in your wardrobe. Just make sure you check the label to see what it’s made from first and ensure it's an investment piece, rather than a victim of fast fashion.

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